Sky Quest

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Getting better 5 Points

Reach Level 20

Getting good at this 5 Points

Reach Level 10

Take That! 5 Points

Complete Normal Mode

Feel the power 10 Points

Reach Level 40

Getting serious 10 Points

Reach Level 30

Bad Ass Conquest 25 Points

Reach Level 50

Got you twice, shame on you. 50 Points

Complete Hard Mode

No Critter Allowed 50 Points

Complete Normal mode at 100%

OCD 100 Points

Complete Hard Mode at 100%

Author Comments

Sky Quest is a game that cross side shooter, defense game with RPG element. Gain more skills, level-up, equip your hero, your ship and defeat all enemies on the screen, simple !

Hey Guys! Lachhh here,
I just wanted to tell you my thoughts about the inApp in the game.
- So first, I can assure you that you are NEVER required to pay money to play Sky Quest. And to prove that, I've streamed my whole play-through on Twitch. (http://www.twitch.tv/lachhhandfriends). Lots of people joined me in the beta-test and they've completed the game, normal and hard mode 100%, without spending a single penny.
- Second, the game doesn't ask for money. We didn't want to implement something like : "Oh you died? Maybe you would like to buy more crystals to get better trololololLOLOLOLGIVEUSMONEY". We wanted it so the players decide by themselves to go buy something, not the other way around.
- Third, when we implemented InApp, we wanted it to be a way for players to make donations while getting stuff in return. Patreon/Subbable does that on Youtube, Twitch does that as well, and that's what we have in mind when we put InApp in the game. Don't want to spend a single penny? No problem! We even thank you for playing the game. You want to support us? Cool! Here's some crystals you would have gotten in the game anyway, just a little earlier.
- Fourth, 100% of the game is available for free.

Well for starters, the game was released back in April on a few websites and thanks to players who supported us, we've been able to hire an artist to upgrade the game. We also put a lot of time to make more content, and balance the whole thing better, etc. My point is, we took the money you guys gave us, and put it right back into the game. We don't want to piss players off and we take careful decisions when we use InApp, but when done correctly it can be helpful for both the players and the developer.

We make more games! As some of you know, we also went bankrupt last September (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mtGATeWQeEw). We've been able to slowly get back on our feet and we're now working on much bigger projects. I'm personally working on Just Shapes and Beats (http://www.justshapesandbeats.com/) and will be working on that for a loooooong time. I might drop a demo here on NG at some point...

So yeah, the last thing we want is to piss off players. I hope you enjoy Sky Quest, it's been a loooooong project (we started it in 2011!).


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great game only I can not go online pity

anyone answer my message its from r2 games right igoota have battle rating why they dont answer me max level is 1000 why its written 50 so 2.5 from 5 for 1000 i wil lpay good blanced game im angry 50 doh make it 1000


Waiting for SkyQuest 2 !

Overall, it's a good game and it has a good story, but Hard mode and getting good gear is so, so, sooo grindy. I'm also experiencing difficulties with how much of a bullet hell the RNG enemies added to boss battles can create. The voice acting is great and I enjoy the sound effects as well, though I usually play on mute. The game can get a little monotonous if you choose weapons like double lasers or double lightning especially, since it literally homes in on enemies. It's not perfect, but it's a good game that usually doesn't glitch or lag too badly considering all the things going on sometimes.

Personally, the thing I've been struggling with is the Thunder Trial's boss on hard and I think I'm just gonna call it quits. Despite having a 3 star level 999 gold chest piece, and weapons and ship parts to match, I can't survive the bullet hell that is that boss. I even funneled my skill points from ship HP to Conquest's health and damage, as well as the shield ability and mana, but it's not enough. For some reason that specific boss has Conquest losing most of his health with the first spray of bullets no matter what I do. I honestly don't know if it's me or the game.

Another thing: I'm not grinding anymore; I don't have enough OCD to get over 2 million gold to experiment with different weapons. That's a huge issue mentioned on every message board I saw, by the way. If you get an item, level it with crystals, and then reload the shop's inventory by completing a level, prices skyrocket because it's adjusting to match the level of your best item. This can cause someone in normal mode who only gets 100 gold each level to have to grind for days because they artificially increased their weapon's level, and suddenly everything int he shop is level 200 weapons costing 5K in gold. This also causes an imbalance between weapon slots if you put crystals into only one because you won't be able to afford another weapon for your weaker slot for a long time.

Credits & Info

4.10 / 5.00

Oct 2, 2014
10:47 AM EDT
Adventure - RPG