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Reviews for "Sky Quest"

So now when ive 100% EVERYTHING in the game, 100 Wave on Survival (which i dont recommend since there is NOTHING of value after Wave 50) The game also get easier the further you go (besides Normal Mode)

Story: The story is nothing to write home about, it is.. Basic.. Main character is more stupid then a Dog he can't understand basic understanding. Narrowminded and just being a total asshole (I feel the game would just benefit more without him talking. AT ALL)

Gameplay: Was Amazing on Normal Mode, it was fun, you had to evade and actually use your brain to not die. THOUGH it feels very weird to evade bullets so they won't hit the head. BUT this makes it wierd because your weapons are slightly below the head, so you can't just watch your character to evade everything since even if you are evenly level'd (and then i don't mean the levels of the character)
There are also Diffirent kinds of weapons.. and all of them have 3 Ranks. ( Light / Medium / Heavy)

Weapon 1: is the Tipical Vulcan gun BUT its useless later in the game. Mostly because the only diffirence RANKS have in the game is more damage. Nothing else..
Weapon 2: Is a flamethrower that's not good. Sure it does AMAZING damage BUT you have to be so close to the enemies that you always will be hit in the face.
Weapon 3: Just imagine a flamethrower lower the damage by a small amount and make it attack cross the whole dram screen. AND YOU HAVE IT
Weapon 4: Is Amazing. take the laser from Rayden games it attacks the closest enemy (by being like a homing weapon)

So the weapons have ranks. AND they change the visuals but it just feels stupid.. Lets say for Sky Quest 2 (IF it happens) WHEN a new rank comes you like vulcan gun every rank makes it shoot one more bullet, BUT at the same rate and on the exact same route. instead of actually changeing the weapon.. for example either you could have made the weapon do a burst of 2-3 for the upgrades.. OR give the gun a spread function. Same with Weapon 2 and 4 Weapon 2 instead of changing colour it could have easily been getting longer range for each upgrade. And Weapon 4 instead of changing color it could do less damge for each upgrade BUT allowing it to chain up to 3 targets. OR attack 3 at a time. The laser isnt really much to change because it just shoots in a line anyway SURE could make it wider for every upgrade.

Graphics/Engine: Its flash.. not much to say, everything is very limited on that engine. Though great job for being just that. Sure it can has those small lags and stuff but Its flash, it could have been on a better engine like Unity or Unreal (the web based one) BUT Flash is easier to code to so it makes more sense.

Bosses Normal Mode: Challanging and fun, with diffirent types of stratergies. Atleast the END END bosses
Bosses Hard Mode: Easy as.. i dont even have words for it.. some bosses died before they even came into the screen.. And for being hard mode it was WAAAAY to easy.. i thought it was going to have like i dont know.. 200% more on everything.. But nope i dont even think eveything had 50% more.

Difficulty Until you got to hard mode it was AMAZING. I LOVED it atleast the Endgame bosses those where godlike. But at the same second you got to Hard Mode after you 100% normal.. EVERYTHING was easy, i just went up and down over and over on every single MAP until that mode also was 100%

RPG Element: The talent tree is boring.. you spend more points on getting where you want then actually use what you want .. That.. is just poor game design on the RPG part. Since lets say you want to get diffirent things you have to spend 4 points on EVERY point.. why 4? why not 1..
AND then you also have the "Level'd up" part which buffs almost NOTHING al all compare to lategame.

SOOOOO Conclusion? Well i did enjoy the game ALOT but when you got to Hard the game just felt boring. since it just got so easy.
But i do apload the creators they made a massive badass game. Just ashame that what makes most smups good isnt there. (weapon ranks. ALL of them are the same)

Still great game and I think ive been writing long enough now. I hope the creators a great Future and BTW before i forget.. The Microtransaction. IF someone complains about it.. then they should go and hug a cactus. This does not affect the game WHAT so ever. I 100% everything without even placing a single $ in the game. Even though i wanted to donate to them because the creatoes deserves a small Donation. I would deff buy this game IF it wasnt on Flash.. HINT HINT redesign the game on Unity, sell in on steal for 5 bux and BOOM (change hardmode so its ALOT harder) and we have a winner of the year.

Very nice game, pretty addicting, but i have a couple of complaints: going forward in game the level stats count absolutely nothing, in comparison with the equipment you find/buy, actually hard mode was way more easy than normal mode, with the equipment i already found. Another complaint regards the main character, Wartrake's right, he's a complete idiot. Probably it's a choice, but i'm not sure i like it

not a bad game at all. More less a time killer, rather then something you play for awhile.