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Reviews for "Sky Quest"


>Second, the game doesn't ask for money. We didn't want to implement something like : "Oh you died? Maybe you would like to buy more crystals to get better trololololLOLOLOLGIVEUSMONEY". We wanted it so the players decide by themselves to go buy something, not the other way around.

Yea.... because, weapons are only 60x the cost of what you average in a level after about half an hour of play. Seriously though. 4-6k for lower level weapons and only making ~150/level by the second boss is absurd. Still stuck with lvl 5/7 weapons and still haven't even been able to afford armor for hero. Good concept but moneywise it's really unbalanced and I don't want a game to feel like it's all about grinding within the first 2 maps.

Look, the game is fun and all once you're actually able to unlock the shit needed to advance through the game. But when a game punishes you for that exact reason, that does not make a fun game. Truly, I'm not sure how so many people kept trying to get past the third level when it's almost excruciating trying to complete it. But, once it's FINALLY out of the way, the game actually becomes entertaining. If it weren't for the terrible beginning levels and the "Oh, so edgy" voice acting, this game could have easily gotten a five. But you decided to fuck that up. Neato.

OCD get!

Gameplay notes for players:
Conquest's level cap is 50. XP you get past level 50 is converted into crystals, so hold onto those +XP% items after you hit the level cap!
The level cap on items is 999, though you probably won't be able to find items of this high of a level until well into Hard Mode.
The bonus you get from completing wave 50 in Survival is a third weapon slot for Conquest's ship. Odds are you'll be able to complete the challenge in late normal mode/early hard mode.
The Conquest/Ship DMG statistics are a little misleading. It sums up the damage from both/all three weapons, but base weapon damage does not improve the damage of your second weapon. However, +Hero/Ship DMG bonuses on weapons/armor will improve the damage of all of the weapons on Conquest/his ship.
Upgrading items is largely useless once item levels get above 100 or so. Save your crystals for crafting legendary items, which tend to have more and far better bonuses than lesser gear.
For example, my L999 legendary Heavy Laser goes from 26942 damage at 0 stars to 26994 damage at 1 star.

Personally, I preferred the laser weapon because it pierces all enemies and does about as much damage as the Lightning weapon. Flames are a bit limiting since the range on it is so short, Lightning does okay damage, but it's purely single-target, and Vulcan does excellent single-target, but it's of little use when you're being swarmed by several layers of those wall-circle mobs.

For the ship's weapons, I preferred the Beam Cannon for the piercing and beam width. The ship laser seemed to take a very long time to target an enemy and actually fire, and the laser from the ship is extremely thin. The Ship Vulcan suffers from the same problem as Conquest's: No piercing.

Don't bother with Ship/Conquest HP/Damage+. Those seem to only scale with your level-up bonuses, which makes them largely useless since pretty much all your damage/HP will come from gear by the end of the game.

I would recommend trying to max out Berserk and Mana regen, then get Item Spawn Rarity up as far as you can.

Don't bother with the white quality items unless it is a really large upgrade from what you're currently wearing. The green and blue quality items are incredibly expensive, but they're good for patching up weak spots in your equipment slots that didn't get covered by drops or crafting.

For the developers: I found three glitches in the game:
Berserk L9 isn't as powerful as it states itself to be: It says it lasts 13 seconds and multiplies your damage by 3.1, but it seems to only last 8-10 seconds and only doubles your damage.

Not sure if this was a glitch, but in Hard Mode, if you die in the early stages, you'll be revived by the Pendant of the Immortals even if you haven't picked it up yet.

In Hard Mode, as soon as you enter the Cartesia map, you're able to immediately go to the Difficulty 35+ area in that zone. How? You can scroll the map up to the high difficulty area, click on the first level in that area, then scroll back to where you're supposed to be and find Conquest's ship stopped at a locked point. (It differs based on how far you've progressed in the story.) Clicking on the ship in this glitched state will scroll the map back to the Difficulty 35 area and start up that level. Useless if you don't have enough gear to complete those levels, sure, but with enough gear, you could wind up clearing all the end-game trials before ever picking up the Pendant of the Immortals in Hard Mode.

In any case, this game was extremely fun, though it does get a little slow in the late-game in both modes.

Completed the whole game! Actually the hard mode was way easier!