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Reviews for "Sky Quest"

Connecting to server...

The final boss is epic, and the entire game is awesome!

fix the auto save my save files keep going deleted :(

This is a good game. Gameplay is fun, and the RPG aspect of it only enhances the fun. However, the game is sometimes laggy, and there are some balancing problems with the game.

It is difficult on early game, especially because of the item price/gold gained discrepancy. You only gain like 100-300 gold/match early on, and the good items cost like 50x that, and the price keep on going higher exponentially, leaving players with no way to buy uncommon or rare items from the shop. It is frustrating, and it is the one that needs the most rebalance.
Active and passive skills also need rebalancing. The passives like HP and DMG bonus gives so little later on because most of your damage comes from equipments, and the passives only gives bonuses based on level up stats, which is very little. Also, thanks to a very small mana cap, most skills are useless except for grenade and berserk, which are still relevant into late game. Everything else is just a waste of mana and skill point.
Also, weapons. The only worthy ones are laser and thunder, and probably flame on early game until you get laser. Because due to the sheer amount of tough enemies on the screen, you will not survive later levels without those two.

So yeah, it is a good game but needs rebalances.

5 stars because the quality is definitely there, although this game is not without flaws, but I'd score it maybe 4.8 stars which, close enough gets 5 stars.

The game is laggy. Not good but unfortunately a common flaw with Flash-based SHMUPS and other games that spawn way too many objects at a time. I've seen Flash-based SHMUPS that manage to not suffer any lag at all, but it's rare.

Some things are basically useless. Meteors? Useless except to get to level 3 so you can get the truly useful Berzerk skill (that scales with your ability). Giant laser beam skill? Completely useless mostly because by the time you get it it's *way* underpowered compared to everything else. Put your skill points in Berzerk instead and forget about "kamehameha technique"

Mana is good to boost up fairly high, as is fireballs.

You'll want everything on the third row at least up to level 3 so you can get the item spawn rarity up at least fairly high. Shield is okay to put some skills in too.

Everything else is useless. Don't bother.

Save your crystals as late as possible but if you feel you really need that epic item, go ahead and splurge -- just try not to splurge too much early on. They literally become exponentially more valuable the later in-game you are, and only use them 10 at a time for item crafting. Saved late enough and you will have options of 999 Legendary gold type equips. This is also the point where the shop becomes useless because best you can do there is 999 rare type equip.

Best setup?

999 Legendary Gold Armor 3 stars
999 Legendary Mithryl Plating 3 stars
Two 999 Legendary Heavy Lasers 3 stars
Two 999 Legendary Heavy Beam Cannon 3 stars

Flame is absolutely worthless. Never get flame. Sell always. Even if the damage looks good. Sell.
Lightning is okay but laser is just so much better you should just stick with laser.

There are secondary attributes of any of the above which are random, so if you're really OCD, maybe try to max out not only at the level 999 legendary stuff, but also try to get the best secondary attributes on it too.

You'll need 10 crystals a pop though since it's the only way to get legendary stuff.

Most valuable stuff in the game = skill points
Next most valuable = crystals
Semi-valuable = gold
Sell anything else you don't want for gold, although gold itself becomes useless once you're looking at 999 legendary equip levels.
You can grind for all of these except skill points, which truly are limited.

Most crystals you can get at a time is 5, but it's very rare.
1 crystal from leveling beyond level 50 + treasure chest luck lands on 3 crystals + 100% in stage giving a star which just so happens to be 5th star, giving yet another crystal = 5 crystals. If you do all of that at the same time.