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Reviews for "Sky Quest"

I love this game. I will keep playing it! My only issue is with the store. It seems to refresh and only offer rare items that are wayyyyyy out of your coins. I currently have around 10K coins and it is giving me offers for 30K coin items. Then once I reach 30K, it offers me items even higher. Therefore, I'm unable to actually buy anything from the rare shop. Other than that, 5/5 !!!!
Add me: www.notdoppler.com/skyquest.php?friend=gs_treeheals
Name - Treeheals

Addicting gameplay. Lots to collect and upgrade. I like it very much!

Or type asger1025 to add friend :)

As to the review, smooth gameplay, good replayability with story and progression to lead the players on, all in all a decent game.