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The Artist and the Canvas

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I grossly overestimated the time I thought I would have to work on this project at the start of this round. Had to cut out a lot of fun scenes due to time restraints, but I think the story stayed mostly intact.

This is an old tale of an artist and their work. How do you measure the value of your work?

Animated in 5 days

Special thanks to Garoad for the music, and SirUndead and codeblackhayate for the awesome voice work!

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This was really beautiful. I liked the visual style, the story, and the overall tone.

Nice work!

This was easily the best in this NATA series. It works so well because of how beautiful it is. It may have been short, but that's to be expected from an entry in this series. I'm glad in Univese, people saw better. I was just thinking about paintings today. The most expensive one was sold recently.

It was 450 million dollars. I always love learning about art. I probably get it from my mother. Maybe this could have had more of a story. It was still great.

It was short but it sent a nice message, artists come in all different forms, and styles. As an artist sometimes u cant see your own work as valuable but to others its the best )So all artists, animators, musicans keep doing what you love, I am far from being an artist lol but artists are inspiring because they do what they love and may have to sacrifice alot and some may not appreciate the work as well as others but artists put serious and passionate work into what they love doing.It sends the message do what u love to do even if u think its not your best work, let people see it, recieve criticism and never doubt your talent.

That was very emotional! GREAT JOB!!!

wow! this was really well done and i like the style of animation, and not just that. it gave a really good moral too, that the artist may see their art as rubbish but in the eyes of others it can be great and even let the artist see that their work is worth something!! and this is a great moral for the people of newgrounds!!!! brilliant job!!! XD