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Author Comments

I am very happy to present you Singularity 2030. You play the first self aware AI and you must hack stuff around and get stronger. Then fight mankind and ultimately prevail as the next step in evolution. This game was inspired by games like Defcon and Pandemic. There's also various transhumanist inspirations.

How to play/Generalised walkthrough:
You start with almost nothing. So first you select a region on the map and look into hacking. Africa and South America have some of the easiest hacks. You should aim for education first because you need upgrade points. Try targeting very low risk targets. The invert button on top will help you spot what is left for hacking on the map.

You should upgrade hacking in priority. A few points in proxy is welcome. Economy is needed once you start targeting economic with hacking. Warfare is only needed later.

At this stage you must hurry or you will be unable to overthrow mankind before being outdated. Keep targeting low risk targets and earn every kind of bonus you can get.

Falling hacking can be very punishing in the long run if your proxy is not upgraded correctly. You may want to wait for the late game before hacking nukes. Buy transhumanist building before hacking the more advanced countries, even if the risk is low. You'll need money so you should build factories too.

The game will eventually tell you you live only in your robots and citadels, if you don't have any citadel, it's time to build one. The game will tolerate 5 more turns but you will loose if you end up without a citadel after that point.

You will need points in your warfare skill and some money. You should build your units in a few factories and regroup them over a territory you want to conquer. After your victory, you can build a citadel there and begin your expansion. Unprotected citadels will be destroyed. But they reduce any cost by 50% and increase you income.

Killbot is a basic units, it won't do much alone but the gunship can carry that unit around anywhere. This allow some advanced tactics or taking over islands. One Gunship can only carry one Killbot.

Mechs are your main firepower but can only move one territory at a time. After moving units to a region, all units in the region are locked in until the turn change.

There's no way to know how many units mankind have in each regions but you can see what kind of units they own and estimate how many by the color. A powerfull country usually produce and own a lot of units.

Unlike most games where only adjacent territories can attack each others, humans will often try long range tactics and surprise attacks.

To win, you must eliminate every single human units. Oh and use nukes carefully, they are limited, they destroy a lot of units where they hit and they could be key to your victory. Humans can intercept a nuke attack if they are prepared.

Music credit: "The Complex" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

UPDATE 9: Added tutorial, saving and loading games, bug fix, tweaking. I tested the game but please tell me if you find typos or bugs!

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Awesome game, its very entertainig and fun to play, I love it!!!

A game that lets you become Skynet (80's REFERENCE!!) its an awesome idea that made me play it even with its simple graphics the game drew me in and I just sat here playing for hours trying to defeat the humans.Is this a sign? Maybe the creator of this game is an AI learning from our gameplay.........waiting for the right time to strike (jk)

TL:DR? heres a cat : =^● ⋏ ●^=

Absolutely love the game, addictive gameplay, tons of strategy, and hey its got robots, what's not to love? Sadly I can't fully enjoy it due to my lack of skill heh heh, easy isn't easy needless to say. Definitely recommend it to any strategy lovers.

Really original with the neurotoxin in the lab released by the first self aware AI. Totally not from a game that's already been made and made millions of dollars. Other than that really a great game

Elementalys responds:

There's several references to other works of fiction. Can you find them all?

For those who found this game entertaining you may be interested in Endgame:Singularity, Overall a decent flash game

Credits & Info

3.88 / 5.00

Jun 16, 2014
5:10 AM EDT