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Reviews for "Singularity2030"

Great game, I enjoyed it, though there were a few things that irked me.
1) When you get an upgrade point and the buttons appear at the top, clicking those both upgrades and moves the screen. Small little thing, but maybe you could fix that?
2) I hacked quite a few markets before I realized that I was getting no money. I needed at least 1 point in that before I got any, fix that too maybe? Or at least make that clearer, please. And is it a one-time cash or is it supposed to be recurring?
3) When security updates go out and I lose half my network, could it perhaps be made clear which regions I lost? And/or make them rehackable, albeit harder?
4) When I built factories, I seemed to only get income from the one in which I had a citadel. I had a factory and a citadel in Brazil, getting $100 a round. I built 3 more factories in South America, but yet still only 100. Is that intentional?

All in all, it's a fantastic game with only a few bugs that I could see. Love to see this fleshed out with perhaps a more colorful UI.

Elementalys responds:

Thank you for playing!
1) On my to do list.
2) It's recurring, you never loose the income. If you cannot hack it because the game is too advanced, you can still root them by taking the place. Actually, you need 4 basic markets before getting 1 money by turn if you have not upgraded your economy. Some more advanced market like Wall Street in New York will provide a lot more.
3) The exact regions lost doesn't really matter, but I can look into that.
4)That's weird, only way that would happen is by having a very low economy skill. I'll look into that.

Just finished it, had a blast as I love games such as this (Pandemic, Plague Inc., Endgame Singularity).

Even though I enjoyed it, it still need a lot of polish here and there.

Let me put a list of issues I had with the game, it won't be sorted in any way, as they are typed whenever something came to my mind:

- Production of units later on is kind of game breaking. There is no limit how many units you can pump out from a factory, citadel also decreases the cost by 50%, thus cost of 30 is really negliable. In the end, when I had a control over half of the world, I just put a "surprise factory+citadel combo" on top of their stationed armies, pumped out 20-40 units of each type, captured the region.
Solution - Make factories not just an regional upgrade, but rather a building, that you can build it multiple of times. Each factory could have some output limit, thus it would require you to have manufacturing centers.

- There was a point, where I was slowly advancing my forces out of african continent and still hacking remaining infrastructures of the world. Then I have received a message about me being locked out from their systems ("the bug" that let me use network systems was fixed I guess). However, I haven't noticed any difference, I still could hack anything, in the end I have hacked everything on the map anyway.

- Nuclear weapons are kind of... easy mode. I understand they are some sort of ultimate weapon, but being able to destroy WHOLE army with just 1 missile in a region, that's a bit too easy IMO. How about governments, when they find out that you are using nukes, they introduce shelters, lowering the effectiveness of nuclear weapons on their armies. This could go live when you have used nukes couple of times, shelters then would decrease casualties from 100% to 90% - 50% depending on a region (wealth/technology/military size).

- Seizing total control over a region (no human military left), should change said region to a different color for an easier overview of the situation. Something else could also be introduced for remaining hackable infrastructure, but not as important in my opinion.

- More active human counter measures against your "regime". For long range bombing runs on your infrastructure (factories in this case) and even use of their nuclear warheads, if they see they are losing war (humanity) they should use their last resort weapons, unless they are hacked thus they could become disabled from them. More active cyberwarfare against you would be nice too (in full open war). Local partisans (rebels) could also pop up when your defence forces aren't that big in certain regions (1st and 2nd world countries, 3rd world countries could remain totally suppressed with a single bot )

That's all I could come with right now, I'm sure I had some more, but oh well :) .
Remembers, these are all my opinions and are not along the lines of "You have to do it, otherwise this game sucks".

Keep up the good work :), we need more games like this.

Elementalys responds:

Thanks for the review! I totally agree with you on the polishing, it was barely playable 5 days ago but I keep updating everyday. I had a blast myself just making the game and I wish I could just drop everything and make games fulltime for newgrounds. But unless I start making enough money for a living, I'll have to make games on my spare time.
Production: True, I will look into a way to balance citadel+factory combo eventually.
Hacking while being locked up was a bug in my last build. It should be fixed now.
Nuclear weapon: I love the ideas. But I don't know when I will look into that yet.
It's funny how color on the map was today update.
AI was broken, it's better now, but it still need a lot of work.
If you can come up with more you can pm me. I can't guarantee I'll make every idea a reality, but outside opinions are always welcome!

The game was not bad I enjoyed playing but having to click over and over to train troops was a pain it would be easier to be able to just hold the "build" button and have it train until I let go or being able to train troops like you move them in 5's or 10's as an option.

Elementalys responds:

Thx for the review. I agree with you and that's why I updated the game with this new feature.

great concept. map screen needs to have logos on the countries that show what you have already successfully taken over or hacked. there needs to be a backup button so I don't have to close out a country and reopen it in order to perform a different action. It is fairly annoying to have to open a country to upgrade, should be a separate button in one of the corners to bring up the upgrade menu. And the messages that just hang and hang and eventually fade...please make it so clicking makes the message go away

Elementalys responds:

I was able to fix the few last things you bring up. As for logo and back up button, I'm still working on it. Thank you again for playing!