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Reviews for "Singularity2030"

There is no depth, and it seems the first 5 hacks you do the humans are already on your tail. This game is really blah. Maybe pull it off and revamp it with better animation and balance out the attacks.

Elementalys responds:

No depth? You don't sound like someone who played a lot.

This really doesn't have a lot to offer the gamer. It would be better if you were able to have checkpoints, where once you started seizing nukes, you were autosaved, and could start messing things up. I mean, you have checkpoints for how things work, but they are only for when things are getting harder. You have no idea how to get past things or lay low. You cannot just hack the communications systems, and you don't earn enough income to start making anything, ever, before they get you. What do the numbers mean at the bottom of the build screen. Any idea? Because I haven't a clue.
The instructions for this game aren't really clear. When I first clicked it open, I did not even know how to play it, because it was really unclear.

Elementalys responds:

Thanks for trying the game out anyway. I added saving/loading games and a tutorial for you.

Game is very nice but need save system.
It sucks starting all over again if you messed up since it takes so much time to progress in the game...
when the game do not allow you to hack anymore what triggers that?
not having a high enough proxy level?
What does the warfare stat does?

I loved playing the rule of skynet !
I hated the max capacity in factories it make it so hard for me.
I think I messed up and started building attacking army too early instead of creating a very powerful army before attacking.

Elementalys responds:

Thanks for playing, I'm working on the next update with save and tutorial!

love the idea, the execution not so much

Elementalys responds:

Care to explain with a bit more details? You can send me a mail. Thanks for playing anyway!

i like your concept but Im not sure if it had a strong enough execution.
Where do you go to find the menu to find options to either restart, turn the music off or find the instruction to learn how to play the game? & speaking of the aforementioned, there are no instructions on how to play this game. Its basically just a figure-things-out-as-you-go game....thats even if you can figure it out. I'd love to be able to get a base started somewhere but that takes money & no money comes in when I actually succeed in hacking any countries economy. I just wish your game didn't feel so unbalanced when playing it...

Elementalys responds:

Thanks for pointing those issues. I will definitively take your review in consideration for my next update.