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Reviews for "Singularity2030"

your english SUCKS. I can barely read the game, just have someone who isn't stupid read it over to you, seriously, and the game looks like crap, NORMALLY that wouldn't bother me, but I cannot tell what is going on with this level of crappiness

Elementalys responds:

Thanks for playing anyway. Can someone help correct my english then?

I've played it once on its easy difficulty so far, and it was how I expected it to be. I see people complaining about not being able to beat it and am completely baffled by this. Overall, I found it really fun.

Elementalys responds:

Good to know! Thank you for playing!

-i played on normal difficulty and i breeze it through, didnt even need to read tutorial.
-there is some kindda warning and i was worried for a bit but i ignored it, there should be some danger meter or something.
-i didnt know gunship can carry kill bot xD, would be nice if there is some picture of their combination or explanation in game.
-there should be emphasized explanation about :
factory = creating robot
citadel = 1/2 the price of creating the robot (this is essential/ important to know)
-there should be some indication about how many of hacking can still be done, ive been going around triple checking if there is something need hacking and thats frustrating xD
-the ending was.......a cliff hanger.....i won by conquering everything without the use of nuke ,does that change the ending?
overall the idea was brilliant, the execution was nice, art was sufficient, story was lacking , explanation confusing at some aspect.
i didnt test the save system since i breeze it through in a few minutes.
very well done ^^

Elementalys responds:

Thank you for playing! About stuff that still need hacking, did you try the button on top of the screen? The ending is a reference to "The Matrix". I'll try fixing the few issues you mention in my next update. Oh and try out nightmare for a challenge!

This is a nice Terminator-esque concept, but the balance of the game needs a lot of work.

The raw difficulty is ridiculous. I tried this game on all its settings, and even on its easiest setting, and I never made it out of the southern hemisphere before the rest of the world united against my forces. During the next few rounds after finding out that soldiers were being trained to fight me, I had most of my units razed in a single turn and the area I cleared was within the space of a turn populated with human soldiers. Whole populations of my army, gone. It took me time to get the concept of colors determining enemy strength, but neither that, nor the tutorial, helped the game difficulty.

About the tutorial, it's more of a glorified walkthrough; the only way to make it anywhere in this game. There are no other true start points besides the ones in Africa or South America if you're lucky (keyword being lucky).

The most irritating aspect of the game is that the logic of the game is completely blind to the user. You have no way of knowing what kind of damage you're receiving from failed hacks. Being a net-based AI, you should conceivably be able to track that. A life bar, or a gauge to show how close hackers are to finding you, would be an appropriate godsend.
You also are unable to track the movements of your opponent. The color changes very subtly and there are no more clues to let you know trouble is on the way. Armies jump across the globe from who knows where right into the middle of your territory. There is no way to plan for attacks or set up appropriate defenses, and even if you could, it would be more like stopping a river with a sheet of paper. It would be easy to say that the technology for the machines is limited, but hacking a radar station, or the blueprints to build a tracking station would be easy, and quantum computing wouldn't put a stop to that.

Another thing is that you can't adapt in kind. This is the idea that you, through a form of game-play, can counter what the AI is doing. To illustrate what I mean in an example:
Let's say, you are playing a game base on rock-paper-scissors. You are scissors (robot appropriate choice) and start the game cutting pieces out of fields and fields of paper. After a while and enough mistakes, your opponent calls in rock to stop your cutting. The next logical step is to have a paper-style ability that you can call in to defend against the rocks. The game doesn't have this. You are just waiting for rock to catch your scissors while it gains momentum, numbers, and/or strength. After a certain point you're just waiting for the AI to kill you. There is no way to fight back.

The game is not very satisfying in terms of strategy, nor is it in animation. It's too much like trying to play Game and Watch with your eyes open 1 second out of 10.

I'm going to stop here. Anything else I may have to say can be chalked up to my personal taste and have no place cluttering up the review board.

To say something positive about it, I leaped at the concept of AI versus humanity. Your project is ambitious, and I liked this as a cursory attempt. It will take more programming to make it more solid, and I'm not sure that the free version of Construct 2 would allow you enough flexibility to make this into the game it should be. I hope something I have said will help you in the future.

Elementalys responds:

Cursory attempt... Yes that's exactly the right words. I wanted to make this game to be so much more but it was developped over only 3 weeks in my spare time. I wanted repression, AA guns to prevent paratrooping behind lines, in detail view of each combats, include animations, hacking minigames... Most of this is impossible without starting from scratch now. But I actually plan to make a fully fleshed game when I'll be more seasoned.

Anyway, I took your review into account and ajusted a few things regarding difficulty. Actually the dialogues you receive are suppose to act as some kind of gauge. Very few of them actually trigger something in the game. And yes, those rebelions and paratrooping can take you off gard. And, I want to mention I rarely play like I did in the tutorial, there's a lot of options, even on nightmare. But concidering how many time I tested the game and the fact I know every little secrets, I'm hardly a reference.

It's my first video game ever made, the first one I made with Construct 2, I made it alone on my spare time and I had to respect the game jam deadline of June 15. I was unable to deliver my dream game but I'm still pretty proud of myself. And I must thank you for playing my game and taking time to writte a review. If you want to give more of your opinion, you can send me a mail!

The idea seems great, but the game is confusing. I hacked regions economy which says "you get some money each turn". I have exactly zero, nihil, nada, nul, money each turn, and have never been able to build a building in this game (which costs money) because it's simply not clear how and I keep having 0 money.

Elementalys responds:

Well, I was using floor() somewhere and it would prevent you from getting any money if your economy multiplied by banks hacked was below 4. It's fixed now. I also added the tutorial, and save/loading.