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Reviews for "Singularity2030"

Great game, I enjoyed it, though there were a few things that irked me.
1) When you get an upgrade point and the buttons appear at the top, clicking those both upgrades and moves the screen. Small little thing, but maybe you could fix that?
2) I hacked quite a few markets before I realized that I was getting no money. I needed at least 1 point in that before I got any, fix that too maybe? Or at least make that clearer, please. And is it a one-time cash or is it supposed to be recurring?
3) When security updates go out and I lose half my network, could it perhaps be made clear which regions I lost? And/or make them rehackable, albeit harder?
4) When I built factories, I seemed to only get income from the one in which I had a citadel. I had a factory and a citadel in Brazil, getting $100 a round. I built 3 more factories in South America, but yet still only 100. Is that intentional?

All in all, it's a fantastic game with only a few bugs that I could see. Love to see this fleshed out with perhaps a more colorful UI.

Elementalys responds:

Thank you for playing!
1) On my to do list.
2) It's recurring, you never loose the income. If you cannot hack it because the game is too advanced, you can still root them by taking the place. Actually, you need 4 basic markets before getting 1 money by turn if you have not upgraded your economy. Some more advanced market like Wall Street in New York will provide a lot more.
3) The exact regions lost doesn't really matter, but I can look into that.
4)That's weird, only way that would happen is by having a very low economy skill. I'll look into that.

I've played it once on its easy difficulty so far, and it was how I expected it to be. I see people complaining about not being able to beat it and am completely baffled by this. Overall, I found it really fun.

Elementalys responds:

Good to know! Thank you for playing!

Awsome game Keep making it better please

Elementalys responds:

Thanks, Im already looking into the next update!

Man, the game is awesome, despite the lack of cool graphics it's addictive as interesting to play.
However, I agree with previous reviewer, that you need indication of skill levels and chances to be detected etc. Also, minor bug, contry sprite always overlap 'hack & build' menu. Maybe it's a feature, but looks really weird.
But MOST IMPORTANT thing you need is AUTOSAVE function =) You know what happened to me just now? I played about an hour, was successfully progressing with capturing countries alreadt, and I forgot to save my game from time to time and then I pressed backspace to check maybe it works for going back from 'build' menu to menu with 'hack & build' buttons. And, as you may already guessed, browser took me to previous page! =) So I lost all my progress in the game. So please make autosave function ASAP, because any such strategy game has it.
Despite all that said I still want to give 5 stars, because your effort to make such pretty complex game is great!

Elementalys responds:

Thanks for playing and writting a review! Yeah country overlaping is a feature I'm not proud of... I was in a rush to get a playable version out for the Jam deadline and had to use this as a "temporary" feature so player would know he selected the right country. Now the feature is more or less permanent...

Oh yeah autosave, I forgot about that. I'll look into it.

I really enjoyed the game but there is an exploit to the game. All I had to do was enjoy the save/load feature. Hacking the whole world without fail leaves it open for me to just build up the money to launch troops across the globe in one turn.

Really did enjoy it just thought that you might want to know of easy it is to cheat.