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GitGirl: Battle Rainbow

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Dar She Blows 10 Points

Defeat the Leviathan.

Everyone's Favorite B.F.F. 10 Points

Defeat Tabitha.

How Ironic 10 Points

Defeat Natacha.

Like All Good Equations, You Shall Follow 10 Points

Defeat the Demiurge.

Long Live The Revolution! 10 Points

Defeat Chea Guerrera.

Molly's Lips 10 Points

Defeat Molly.

Sappy 10 Points

Defeat Pink Devil.

Second-Rate Hero 10 Points

Defeat Thunder.

The End 10 Points

Defeat Nil.

Tough Cookie 10 Points

Defeat Tankie-Girl.

A Chance Against All Odds And Ambivalence 25 Points

Defeat Pink Devil while only using the Star-Gazer, and without taking damage.

Highly Intimidating 25 Points

Defeat the Leviathan while only using the Star-Gazer, and without taking damage.

I'm So Lucky To Have A Tabitha 25 Points

Defeat Tabitha while only using the Star-Gazer, and without taking damage.

Just Be Yourself, Everyone Else Is Taken, and This Quote 25 Points

Defeat Thunder while only using the Star-Gazer, and without taking damage.

Just Keep Moving, Eventually You'll Come To A Better Place 25 Points

Defeat Tankie-Girl while only using the Star-Gazer, and without taking damage.

Naughty or Nice 25 Points

Defeat Natacha while only using the Star-Gazer, and without taking damage.

So Long As I'm Good And Clean 25 Points

Defeat Molly while only using the Star-Gazer, and without taking damage.

The End Justifies The Means 25 Points

Finish the game in Iron Maiden Mode.

The Material World 25 Points

Defeat the Demiurge while only using the Star-Gazer, and without taking damage.

There Is No True Equality 25 Points

Defeat Chea Guerrera while only using the Star-Gazer, and without taking damage.

Upgrayedd 25 Points

Collect all the upgrades.

Doesn't Have A Point of View 50 Points

Defeat Nil while only using the Star-Gazer, and without taking damage.

Totally Worth It 50 Points

Finish the game in Iron Maiden mode without dying.

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments


An action-shooter platformer game using the same mechanics as Megaman X. Choose any of the six stages, and defeat the boss at the end to obtain a new ability. Hidden upgrades are scattered throughout the stages.

This game was originally made for the GitHub Game-Off 2013. Now it's a full-blown game complete with 9 stages and 10 bosses.

Finish the game in Iron Maiden mode to obtain the extended ending!

Default Controls

Arrow Keys - Navigate menu, movement.
Z - Jump.
X - Fire, hold to charge.
C - Slide.
S - Change to previous power.
D - Change to next power.
Esc - Pause.

Note: You can rebind the keys in the options menu. It is also possible to play the game with a gamepad.


* Slide - Down + Jump.

* Super Jump - while performing a slide, press jump while holding the left/right key respectively. You must do this before the sliding ends.

* Wall Jump - Press the movement key against a wall to slide down slowly. Then press the Jump button to perform a wall jump.

* You can use the bouncing star as a mini platform/boost by jumping on top of it. Fire it mid-air to use it as a glider.

* Each boss is weak against a specific ability, experiment to find out!

Update - 1.3.11
* Upgraded platform to Unity 2018 WebGL
* Various fixes related to new platform
* Achievements/Score system is currently disabled.

Update - 1.3.7
* Fixed instant death when trying to slide while getting hit the
second time.
* Fixed achievements once again, will now try to sync during
stage select.
* Time trials are recorded when you finish a level (no longer
exclusive in time trial mode)
* A bunch of level tweaks since 1.3.3

Update - 1.3.3
* Added Xbox360 gamepad bindings to default settings, now you can just plug in a 360 pad and play the game right away.

(NOTE: Make sure to have your gamepad ready before starting the game. If your gamepad is not detected, refresh. Also, you can custom bind the buttons!)

* Finally fixed that Happy Star wonkiness, now works more reliably.
* Tweaked some more levels.

Update - 1.3.2
* Achievement registry fix. If you don't get an achievement, restart the game (refresh browser) and load a saved game.
* Tweaked some levels.
* Added armor upgrade in time trials.
* Fixed getting hit by stray projectile upon victory.

Update - 1.3.1
* Small delay when firing again after a charged blast.
* Change some stuff for the input to make it more responsive.

Update - 1.3.0
* Changed Star-Gazer full charge to traditional blaster.
* Added Star-Bounce weapon, changed the way it works. Fire it mid-air to surf. Fire it on ground for bounce.
* Fixed Final Boss Trial to properly enter the victory screen.
* Removed upgrade items during trial.
* Increased invulnerability (1 -> 2 sec) when hit.

Update - 1.2.0
* Added time trial mode.

Update - 1.1.0
* Removed limited lives and replaced life pickup with invulnerability (10-seconds). Also makes you slightly move faster. Iron Maiden mode still uses the lives system.
* Added some extra checkpoints around certain stages.
* Reduced certain enemies' hitpoints and invulnerability delay.
* Skip indicator during intro.

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i got it, killed the final boss, the virus, well i guess that after all the battle now comes the sadness after finish a challenge.

it has all the makings of the great game; hand drawn sprites and backgrounds were beautiful, every stage has unique enemies and innovative physics: I mean, hell, you somehow got move-able block physics, slopes, moving projectiles, and wall hopping combined into one game, I cannot even fathom how you managed to get it all together and have it work.

But like what the others said; controls were hard to get into. I finally beat tankie girl; but not because I was skilled, but rather cause I collected the heart and armor in her stage to out tank most of her attacks.

Here are some major beef I have with the controls:
1. gitgirl has momentum, making it hard to change directions mid-run. If I want to take a sharp turn to dodge a missile, or take an U-turn to land on a platform, it's very difficult to do. This made platforming and dodging a lot harder than it looks.
I mean, Megaman didn't have this kind of realistic physics, and everyone agrees he's smooth as silk.

2. Gravity is too low, jump-dodging takes a lot of time to get used to. Also if GitGirl runs down down a slope she'll start floating off the ground and become unable to jump. I noticed this problem in Tankie-Girl's and Chea's stage with their sloped platforms.

3. GitGirl can't wall jump until her vertical speed is negative. This coupled with low gravity makes it sluggish to jump walls. This really bothered me during tankie-girl's boss fight, GitGirl couldn't cling onto wall fast enough to get out of harm's way.

In the end I was using happy star to bounce through a lot of the platforming segments, but I can't help but feel this isn't the way you designed the stage to be.

Awesome game,
1: The Gameplay is great in that it reminds me of the good times I have while playing Megaman and Nezumiman.
2: I like the humor in this game. The intro and ending dialogues amuses me. Oh and the easter eggs are nice as well.
3: The weapons in this game are fun to use. Though I do have some problems with some weapons, I guess they're for a sake of balancing. (I didn't like how the resolver fires in an arc. It's hard to hit some bosses or enemies with it).
4: Though the glitches are the problem in the game, at least I'm glad to know that when I tell you about those glitches you are able to fix them.
5: The music is great. The intro theme fits really well, Chea's stage theme is my favorite, and the second nil stage's theme is also my favorite.

However, one thing that I think should be changed in the game was the difficulty.
I felt like Iron maden mode's exactly like normal mode only iron maden has the limited amount of lives and if you lose all of them you start over. Normal mode felt more like easy mode since you have infinite lives. If anything, Normal mode looks like easy mode and Iron maden mode looks like normal mode (with the exception of the hardcore lose all lives and you start all over thing). I would think that giving the bosses new moves adding more enemies, and making the jumping part a bit harder.

Overall though, I think this game is great, the whole difficulty changing feels optional to me as this game is fine on it's own.

Holy shit, One of my songs got used....holy shit!

Igmon responds:

Hey man, I it's a brilliant music ;)

I enjoy this game and keep coming back to it even though I frustratingly can't seem to beat a single boss. Nice gameplay otherwise though. Echoing darksnip3r's sentiments.

Also: Poor Molly, even if she does kill me every time. I think there's something wrong with that girl.
Hope one of the end game cut scenes has her getting the professional help she needs.

Igmon responds:

Thanks! I'm happy you like the game!

If you're getting stuck beating a boss, try to get upgrades from some of the levels. Most of the upgrades are obtainable even without any of the weapons you acquire from the bosses.

Having enough upgrades should make some of the bosses easier, especially if you get the armor.

Credits & Info

4.04 / 5.00

Mar 18, 2014
9:21 PM EDT