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Reviews for "GitGirl: Battle Rainbow"

I love the gameplay plus it is a nice touch to use the star to make you jump higher.

This game is really fun and designed super well, but having lives just sort of kills it. All that does is force me to keep replaying stuff I've already done so that I can get back to where I was, and for what? That kind of design worked on the NES when games were full priced but short and in arcades where people had to pay per play, but it really has no place here. At least give the option to play without them.

Igmon responds:

Update incoming! I think I'm pretty much swayed by the consensus about removing the limited lives. So they are no longer a hindrance as of version 1.1.0

This is really great! It's no secret that this is a direct tribute to the classic mega man series or at least inspired by it.

I like how each stage has their own enemies, puzzle, traps, platforms etc. it seems a lot of creativity went into this and not much is recycled.

Also the charging hair buster is really cool, I like being able to charge through the different projectiles and use them accordingly. Like using the star to bounce off a wall to hit an unreachable turret.

However, I must agree that it is a touch too hard. I never really like admitting this about hard games but this seems almost unbeatable Dx. I mean have you been able to beat it during the play tests and such? if you have then I will eat my words xD.

But yeah, it seems this game takes a lot of trail and error and it's a little unforgiving when you only have 3 lives to start with. Even when approaching a level with caution I find my self wasting a life trying to figure out what something does (such as the bouncing ball post things over spikes).

Even when managing to clear a level after dying a tonne of times, there's never enough time to study the bosses patterns. Before I know it, the boss has wiped me and I'm at the start of the level again.

I feel there should be limitless lives or at least more ways to obtain lives (more pick-ups, higher drop rates or whatever). Only because the hardness switch on this is WAAAY up there. I don't this this would make the game any easier, just less time wasting. Just like dark souls really. It's super hard but you learn from your mistakes and you're not sent right to the beginning if you die a few times.

It's a little depressing when you spend so long plying through the twists and turns of a level just to get to the boss and not even be able to study it. By the time you reach it again you will have become rusty to the bosses patterns and then wiped out.

You should also let people know that they can skip the intro cut scene by pressing the 'esc' key xD.

So yeah, real nice work! It's an honour to have my music used in this :]. It's a very pretty game with nice art and cool mechanics. The levels are long and there's a lot of content to explore and be killed by, just the balance is a little thrown off by only having 3 lives.

Igmon responds:

Thanks for the comment! Yeah, it seems nobody enjoyed the limited lives system, so I removed it. I wasn't getting that negative feedback on other places when people played it, oddly enough. But it's still there for the 'hard' mode.

The levels and bosses are beatable even without upgrades...well now it should be much less of a hassle. But I did beat it without dying a couple times, so you can take my word on it, I promise! :P

I was hoping I did the level design such that no trial and error by dying is necessary. I'll be more mindful of that the next time.

It completely slipped my mind about the cutscene skips to only be activated via Esc, so now there's an indication, and any key press.

Guess who made a Extremely bad megaman ripoff THAT'S RIGHT YOU DID.

At least Megaman had Balance and fairness and patterns this does not

Remember in megaman where most enemy's could be shot down with a well placed bustershot and skilled avoidance?

Not here. even the weaker enemy's need two-three full charged shots to be taken down and that's implying that this bounce shot nonsense even gets to them. it's a hindrance more then anything. apperently you can ride it too which is neat too bad you will only get on it by luck and it's never really useful

The intro is UNSKIPABLE WHICH IS LONG AND UNINTERESTING The 4th time YOU SEEN IT you might be proud of it but no one else is when it's taking up more screen time then the game

The music feels off. other wise ok.

as i said enemys have no patterns and are too tough as someone who has speedrun megaman games before (not very well but i have done it) the enemys were always challenging but fair and this game is pretty unspeed runable by that i mean you have to stop every so often to deal with some stupidity

The enemy's have too much HP and are buggy sometimes they take my shots sometimes they are immune no i don't mean the mettuar likes i know they are immune when crouching

All in all this could be a great game but it fails to feel like megaman which is what the programmer was obviously going for.

Im glad i waiting through the OMG long intro. Fantastic game and tons of fun.

Igmon responds:

You can skip the intro by pressing escape.