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This an Animated drama track from Rockman Zero Remastered Tracks Album *Ciel's Memory "Truth of Hero" with an extra footage!

Took longer than expected. On the first week of doing this, I got sick that I work on and off on this stuff and thought of not continuing it anymore. But then, when I hear Copy X theme. I get eager to animate this track. A year ago, I thought of animating this track but told myself it's impossible! I can't do it! I'm not skilled yet. I thought it's better to animate with sprites, though it may seem cheap...but every time I hear the "Truth of hero" drama track and Copy X "Fake" theme. I keep visualizing this track into my mind. Imagining how the scene would look like. I keep thinking and thinking of this thing that It motivates to do this. After I did my previous animation Megaman Servbot, I finally had the confidence to animate this track. By the fourth week of January, I start animating the track full time. I did redesigns of the characters and change the setting. Zero having blue eyes and an extra armor part on his leg and Copy X with an armor similar to Model X. Since the track anticipates a battle with Copy X in his second form. I decided to merge his 1st form and 2nd form so I could incorporate Copy X 1st form. There's also a little change with the story. While animating the scenes and cleaning up the drawings. It's quite grueling. I think It's better If I work 4-6 hrs. a day than whole day or else it would be exhausting. I feel this is more of a test of patience rather than the skill. It may seem tiring sometimes and gets annoying especially when software crashes, but I love what I'm doing. This is my passion and that's the reason why I keep doing it even though sometimes I feel weary. A month passed and I'm done. Suddenly, I remember the time when I thought this is impossible for me to do. It make's me happy that I did something which I thought was not possible.

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English "X was Stronger than this!"
Japanese ”エックスはもっと強かった!”
Korean "엑스는 더 강했어!"

Dang, I feel so stupid watching this and not knowing more about it. I mean, look at this long description you have. I don't know that much about "Mega Man" nor about "Mega Man X". I appreciate the awesome animation. It was great to have the Japanese language too. It was so authentic.

I don't know how it got its title. Oh, one of them is a fake. Everything just looked so beautiful in this. It should please any fan. Well, I'm not one myself and I was pleased.

Something just like this had to be made.

This was fantastic! for the longest time I've been trying to picture what Neo Arcadia looked like and what you made works perfectly. I loved how you used the Drama Tracks as well. The Copy X vs Zero fight is just so iconic to the MMZ series. words can't describe it. I wonder what it would have been like if they had gone with the original story of the real X vs Zero...

that one was epic, man.
EPIC. BR Nation

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4.47 / 5.00

Mar 11, 2014
7:56 AM EDT