Reviews for "FAKE"

i think its interesting that you made the ultimate form of megaman is more like bass combined with treble

Really good for a nice trailer. But you know, if you want this to take off, there are huge expectations right? This is a little too much man.

No Fights Scenes..

WOW what the heck is this??

are you trying to make a series for Megaman?? thats awesome!!!

great animation and do you know japanese or you have teken it from somewhere else?

5 Stars! Awesome bro! really admire your work and I do hope you continue your passion...been a fan of your work since your x vs zero sprite animation. It was your works that inspired me to try sprite animation out (created X vs Sigma sprite animation) and looking forward to explore animating at your level some day. thank you for this inspiration. Here's the link to my first sprite animation inspired by your works. plz feel free to give me some input..would appreciate any feedback from you. http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/633644