Reviews for "FAKE"

for a production quality , this one is very nicely done . comment is ,...there are too many hold poses . graphics are too focused here and it lacks that "illusion of life" if you know what i mean . i felt like i'm watching a slideshow for the most part . my tip is don't put gradients on the character cuz that is a nightmare to animate . make some adlib animations for long scenes . you need to improve on lipsynch as well cuz' some dialogues are off .
anyway i adore your persereverance for coming up with something like this so five stars :D

oh man it's been years since i've seen anything Megaman related! GOOD STUFF MAN! hopefully we'll see something legends related or more from ya :D

This was so awesome! I hope you make a sequel. Great work!

TE felisito soy de argentina y aca nos gusta el manga y demas pero este para mi es uno de los pocos animes que me gusta grasias por devolverme el recuerdo

It's very very good, and as a fan of Zero, I enjoy seeing this animated. One criticism I would offer though, is that the characters have strange proportions in this animation, making them look like children. I would love to see you continue this though; it's all very well done. Lastly, this is not a criticism but a suggestion: perhaps include (even just stills of) a battle at the end. There was a very nice rise of tension, especially towards the end, that was left unresolved and could have been treated very well by a small battle scene. All in all, a great piece of animation. Put more strongly; I don't know where your interests lie, but consider a career in animation. Anyway, well done, and I would like to see more.