Reviews for "FAKE"

Exellent job, man! But I think that you made a mistake by making the neoarcadian looking at the tower; in fact the Guardians decided to keep secret the death of Copy X in order to avoid to worry the citizen of Neo Arcadia. Oh well, I guess it isn't importan. Keep doing awesomenesses like this, man!

ultimatemaverickx responds:

Yes, I'm aware of that. That' what I meant about "There's also a little change with the story"(or maybe it wasn't little). It was intended for reasons.

Thanks! :D

5 stars man, that was some epic animation right there, keep it up man

A great tribute to an awesome moment in video gaming!

Pretty groovy little movie, I hope you continue the story & the nice & clean animation

The animation was really well made for a fanmade, and to be honest, when I see the thumbnail, I though it was official, and I certainly did not get dissapointed.

You manage to capture the feeling really well, while its not even the real battle, its epic enough for me.

Looking forward for the next part! Keep up your good work!