Reviews for "FAKE"

i really liked the video and i think the title FAKE was a good idea to avoid confusion. it's a great take on the megaman universe. However i'm sure everyone feels teased by the lack of the battle sequence. PLZ go for fake part II.

An awsome animation but as GuitarWarriorJack says it's like a trailer of the game, people who play the game series is like a flash back of the game probally a good action, but keep up the good work

Without a scene of the actual battle itself that ensues, this video comes off as incomplete and with no objective-in-plot. The "end episode at beginning of battle" structure is (generally) more appropriate as the preview/trailer, or as an intro episode of a miniseries.

On the other hand, your perseverance in creating this animation is very commendable. My best advice for dealing with project-stress (unless you have deadline from someone) is not to worry about how long the project takes or how quickly you finish, but to ascertain that you'll inevitably succeed in creating your work just as you had envisioned your ideas.

That was incredibly animated. So good that I didn't even care that I didn't understand it.

I found this really good. One thing that bothered me was the animation, a bit. The characters just stand there. I would love to see the mouths move a bit smoother and maybe make the characters show a bit more emotion.