Reviews for "FAKE"

That was incredible. I love the MMX series, naimly the main line, but I won't complain about someone making a movie, especially on newgrounds, that isnt some lame parody. Keep up the hard work.

So you finally show yourself at Newgrounds! Well, what a better place and time to show up!

And yeah, I like Mega Man Zero Series the best! perhaps no seriously, but it's my favorite saga of all megamans

I really need to buy the rest of those games.
Great job, really! I liked how you included all of the characters throughout the series.

I liked it, i give it a 5 outa 5 for the animation.

as for the plot, yea it was cheesy and "anime" but so is alot of stuff that comes out of the megaman universe, so i felt it was fitting

This was fantastic! for the longest time I've been trying to picture what Neo Arcadia looked like and what you made works perfectly. I loved how you used the Drama Tracks as well. The Copy X vs Zero fight is just so iconic to the MMZ series. words can't describe it. I wonder what it would have been like if they had gone with the original story of the real X vs Zero...