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Scrap Metal

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Cleaned house 50 Points

Cleared Yellow League

Moving on up 50 Points

Cleared Orange League

Furious five 100 Points

Cleared Black League

Mean green machine 100 Points

Cleared Green League

Royal flushed 100 Points

Cleared Purple League

Scrap collector 100 Points

Won all Robo Arms

Author Comments

Our latest game - the PC/Console version of Boss 101 is up on Steam Greenlight right now! We would love your support but see what you think! More S.T.E.V.E. and Max for you! Trailer included!!!

Boss 101 Steam Store (wishlist up please!): http://store.steampowered.com/app/380920

Choose your robot arm and enter the robo-boxing arena. Program your robot for a round of boxing and hit “fight”. Cheer and Boo as the fight progresses! Become the boxing champ!

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Nice review by NeonSpider.
Only thing I have to add is that the robots seem to have a preferred punch which they use more often. It is usually their best punch. So to beat some of the tougher fights it is helpful to take an arm which does well (beats or draws) against opponents best punch.

Strategy-based game despite the huge luck component.

Yes what the enemies will do does seem random, so mostly mixing it up with what you do yields good results at least eventually.

But what you really want to do is look at the arm stats and equip the better arms as that'll really make all the difference and don't assume later boss equals better arm because it doesn't always and some boss arms are better than several bosses beyond it.

You want large offense and also large KO threshold stats and pay attention to which attacks you get the offensive bonuses on because you'll want to focus on mostly using those attacks and hoping the enemy doesn't counter that strategy.

Early on you can just go with equipping the next arm, but sometime around Paleozoic you should realize "this arm is terrible". You'll probably need Purple Nurple before you can go back and get Hambone and then Bulldozer and of those you should stick with Hambone when you get it.

Once you get Bubble Boo pretty much just stick with that arm for a long time though you should switch to Bear Paw once you finally get there. Once you finally get Grave Digger, stick with that for the rest of the game and/or swap it out with FlySwatter which may be needed along with luck to get some of the remaining arms.

Most of the other arms are either unremarkable or bad, with the exception of Royal Flush which is pretty good, just not as good as Grave Digger or FlySwatter which you will probably have by that point anyway.

Your games are awesome bro, keep up the good work and please make more games!! :D

DarkTimmy responds:

Thank you so much!!! I'm working on a sequel to Boss 101 right now! You can check it out at www (dot) boss101 (dot) com


1: Add level ups.
2: Add Stats to apply.
3: Add Armor we can equip.
4: Give more into it. Like an HP bar instead of Digit Bars for that.

I got plenty more honestly. But not going to really play this. Just kinda dull really.

DarkTimmy responds:

YO!!! Those are freaking awesome suggestions. I like the concept of the game frankly but the execution I agree is not the greatest. I always wanted to go back and do a new version. Maybe I'll out some of this in! Thank you!


Playing the game right now, if you just spam pounder punchers you win. You should fix that. Also it would be cool it it were upgrades to you original arm rather than taking other arms. But still, great game keep it up!

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3.22 / 5.00

Mar 1, 2014
5:07 PM EST