Reviews for "Scrap Metal"

It's a guessing game. At least that's what I experienced -.-'

No real skill needed I guess, just luck, am I right?

DarkTimmy responds:

Thanks for playing! You know what's strange, there are patterns for the bosses. They have specific round to round tendencies they always follow. That said - there is an element of randomness to mix things up. I appreciate the feedback though and thanks for playing! Best, -Tim

[Insert the exact same complain everyone has had until now here.]
The thing you could do to dramatically improve this game is make the combats go in several batches. I mean, don't make the user issue 10 commands in advance and then let him see what happens. Batches of 3 would be better.

I've studied the opponents a bit and they seem to react to how you hit (smash a single move 10 times, and they'll eventually learn and block it/counter it every single time). LET THE USER DO THAT TOO. Pick and resolve, moves 1-3, then the game stops. Pick and resolve moves 4-6, game stops. Easy enough, and a big improvement.

Interface suggestions: Change the "pounder beats sizzle" text boxes in the bottom left of the screen to icons that represent the hits, so the played can see it more clearly. Also, you need to show on-screen which move is being done by each robot every round, to get the player more familiar with it quickly.

Those 3 changes and I'd say the game would be a 4-star, at least:
- Transmit commands in batches of 3 instead of all 10 of them at the same time (with MAYBE the 10th command being issued independently, and given extra importance in some way).
- Swap text explanations for icons wherever possible
- Add a visible indication of which move is being performed in every round by each robot.


DarkTimmy responds:

Great stuff and yeah -it become pretty obvious there was a LOT that could be done to improve the game. Love your suggestions and I think a re-boot of Scrap Metal would be well served by following some of your suggestions as well as looking at other basic improvement. That said, thanks for the comment and the play! Best, -Tim

good game, well... kinda. It's pretty much a modeled rock paper scissors game. The graphic is simple, I like the bgm but I don't think it fits the game. (personally) I'm a quick learner, one round and I think I have grasp the gameplay and how it works. Although it's true it's lacking of instructions and such, it would trouble lotsa player you want to please with this game of yours. Lemme help y'all a bit with this game :
1. Mentioned earlier, it's just like jankenpon, remodeled that is
2. Look at enemy's stats, they usually start attacking with their strongest offense move
3. proceed and plan your next move with rock paper scissors logic, remember that you're playing with bots, no need to think it too hard.
4. Luck may affect this game a bit tho, but I think that's why the cheer/boo buttons are there. (not 100% proved) when your opponent attack, if you cheer, he would be more likely to attack with that move again, if you boo, vice versa
1 star for bgm, 1 for graphic, half for gameplay, half for fun-level, half for new-player-friendly.
Yes, I make those words myself

DarkTimmy responds:

Hey thanks for the comments and the thoughtful reply. Agree with all of them. As I mentioned before, I think the concept is solid but the final product upon release was a lacking in the long term gameplay department. It was weird to make a ton of art and do a lot of programming only to see it kinda tank! HA!!! The game tested well and got high marks from many people I showed it to. In the end though the only vote that counts is yours and the good folks here though! Thanks for the play and the comment, I do appreciate it! Best, -Tim

A good concept, but poor execution. There's no real way to know what the heck you're supposed to do. The text clues give you nothing to work with save maybe a minor hint. Even then, it's just blind luck most of the time. A better system needed to be made for this.

DarkTimmy responds:

HA! YAH! I think the concept is solid but the final product upon release was a lacking in the long term game play department. Strange too since I made a ton of art and did a lot of programming for it. It also playtested well and got high marks. In the end the only vote that counts is your and the communities, not mine so much. hehe. Thanks for the play and the comment, I do appreciate it! Best, -Tim

There aren't any real decisions in this game.

You do about 5 seconds of math at the beginning of a fight to determine your best attack, and then you choose it 10 times. Really poorly designed. 1/5

DarkTimmy responds:

HA! Well - I think the more correct term might be poor execution though design fits the bill well enough. I love the concept but the overall AI doesn't work as well as I like. There could have been little augmentations to the gameplay like a trainer or small arm upgrades. You points are valid enough though and thanks for playing and taking a moment to comment! I do appreciate it. Best, -Tim