Shards of Fate

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This is my thesis film I made during my senior year at the University of the Arts. I spent the entire school year working on it, and even took some time during this summer and fall to work on tweaking some of the effects and animations. Overall, I think it's a B-. I want to polish the story more and maybe make the animation sleeker. I plan on redoing this as a 2.0 project once I get a cintiq. I hope you guys enjoy, feedback is welcomed! :D

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You should make more.
It's too good to never see again.

Fine quality wor

Kofdizz responds:

Thanks a lot!

Please, just take my 5 stars. I, from behalf of the universe, thank you for your gift to the world.

Kofdizz responds:

Haha, thank you! Glad you enjoyed it!

My favourite bit was 3:28 - 3:37 that animation there was top quality, good work. But for the rest of..... It was.... meh... obviously DBZ Brolly inspired, it had a few anatomy issues, sound effects (including voice acting) could have been better chosen but I'm guessing that's because you didn't have enough time.... yeah I'm not going to lecture you on my opinion. I'm not marking this, I'll leave that to your lecturer lol but I like it keep it up, can't wait to see more

Kofdizz responds:

Thanks a bunch! I appreciate it!

The animation and design was brilliant, but the beginning was extremely draggy especially for something that lacks any kind of story other than "The hero beats up a bad guy."

Kofdizz responds:

Agreed, that's fair. Thanks for the feedback, man!