Reviews for "Shards of Fate"

The quality of artwork and animation very much remind me of Cornflakes of Agony movie, which you can view here on Newgrounds. Both movies are trying to induce a feeling of epicness in the viewer and contain references to DBZ and other anime, while at the same time feature as crappy as possible, rudimentary animations and artwork (though on the contrary, in reality both authors are excellent artists) and both authors probably spent no longer than a week on their movies.

Why is Cornflakes of Agony a success then, and this a failure, to produce epicness?
fawfulBeans manages to create intense atmosphere through the use of unusual camera angles and music, and the action in the movie is timed successfully. Nothing of such is present here.

And please, stop replying to reviewers that you had time constraints. That's just a pointless excuse for making bad content and you prove nothing with it. This work speaks for your abilities and skills, which I evaluate as relatively low.

Minus points for:
-very long intro with rudimentary tweened static graphics
-unconvincing voice acting (I am not kidding. Your voice, if that is your voice, does not sound convincing. All those groans, sighs sound pathetic and unprofessional. Maybe you just have a bad microphone, or did not apply enough effects on the voice clips to obscure their crappiness somehow)
-bad animations, especially running. Low keyframes per second (keyframes are not the same as frames) ruin animation fluidity. Some of the poses are awkward, which means you can't pose figures properly. If you decide to go for traditional frame-by-frame, then please make it fluid. Otherwise stick with skeletal computer-generated tweens or simplify the art style even further, to be able to make more animation keyframes.

Note: You are extremely versed in drawing hands. However, you tend to draw those short small lines on the fingers, when they are clenched into fists (and pretty much all the time, as well). Why are you drawing those lines? They look very off, I find them completely unconvincing at showing how fingers are bent. Either do not draw those lines, or use shading instead, to show that fingers are bent. You don't have to follow any advice. However, if you don't see this as a problem, you can stick to your tastes. I don't care if more people notice that your method of drawing fingers is not proper, it is your job to care about that.

Kofdizz responds:

Haha thanks for your feedback, dude

i find DBZ distasteful and street fighter to be a bit lame which is what this video looks like it's a cross of, but despite that it is still a nice animation and deserves to be rated objectively. this being said the animations could have been a bit smoother but the rest was very nice.

Kofdizz responds:

Thanks for the review, much appreciated!

When the evil guy transforms in his true form, the sound is like it's from Dragonball

Kofdizz responds:

A lot of the sound effects used were either DBZ or Final Fantasy XI sound effects hehe. Thank you for watching!

This is pretty cool! The running animation was a bit odd when he was running towards the ship, from a dstiance, and when he gets in he stands with legs wide apart when seen from indoors and close together from the back, bit of an inconsistency there. but otherwise the animation was surprisingly smooth. The attacks land; seem powerful, it's all effectual and fast-paced, great battle. I'm thinking some of the cries of rage could've been longer, maybe add some echo and reverb to enhance the effects? But it is good, one of the most fluent fights I've watched in a while. Keep it going!


Kofdizz responds:

Yeah, a lot of those of those issues you mentioned were due to time constraints. This was my senior thesis piece, and after graduation, the only thing I had access to was the programs for the VFX. My voice actors and the Cintiq I used for all the line work weren't available at that point. Thank you so much for your review, man, I appreciate it!

The sound effects reminded me of DBZ. lol Do you think it's a B-? C'mon! It's definitely an A!

Kofdizz responds:

Haha yeah, I used DBZ and FFXI sound effects mostly. And yeah, I think, because of time constraints, I wasn't able make the story as polished as I would like. Also had to cut an ENTIRE robot army fight scene (which would've been EPICCCCCCCC, but I wouldn't have finished it before the senior show). I also could clean up some of the animation and have more choreography.