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Lost Outpost

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“What you are now we used to be; what we are now you will be...”

What happened to Lee in 2011's "Outpost:Haven" was only half the story. In comparison, Lee was the lucky one.

Spread over ten levels we go back and forth in time with both Lee and Jameson on Haven and the planet below to discover its secrets in this survival horror game.
Swarm mode makes a welcome return, with a greater depth of gameplay.
This time let's even the odds, with more weapons and multiple armor combinations the battle is truly on.

Please note, the specular lighting option requires a powerful machine. The game runs in low quality by default and is the recommended setting.

Chrome users, there's a bug if you quit out of fullscreen. Sorry it's out of our hands, so keep that in mind if you need to quit out ( The game saves often so not all is lost if it happens, but it's still annoying I know ).

Thanks to everyone whose taken the time to play / vote / review the game, you're the best.

Turn the lights off, the volume up, hit full screen and shoot some aliens.

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A great game for a remake of the Halo series but in flash your games will be better if it has a vehicle such as an armored car you can control with Gatling guns, railguns, and other experimental guns. That is my opinion if you ever want your games to have more votes in the greenlight in steam.

Ok ok i really like the game so much the animation the mode of the aliens the boss was very creppy and thats nice so the game is very nice 5 stars i hope jameson survived :) (cant not surviv)

The game is very pleased with the atmosphere most of all. You walk through the dark corridors of the station. A light is blinking somewhere, and something will appear Out of the darkness. It's like a mix of Dead space and Starship troopers. A lot of weapons and armor. Enemies are like a mix of aliens and arachnids. I'll look at 2 parts later)

Even though there were some bugs this was sooooo much awesome
(also im sad because of what happened with jameson)

I have played the other 2 games in the series and this is a nice addon. The armor mechanic was a great idea, it's nice how you made different types with more health, armor and damage. However, this game wasn't without a few bugs I found.

1: The save game option didn't work for me when I did it on level 8.
2: When buying ammo, the terminal will not always give it, but it will still take your money.
3: You can buy ammo for weapons that are already at max (just needed to add that issue in incase anyone playing isn't as attentive.)
4: Just to note, the Ally A.I. is great, but I think this was the only game where he could get in the way of your shots, which can be annoying when a horde is attacking you.

All in all, decent game with some flaws, nothing that makes the game unplayable, still a nice game series, but that ending scene did disappoint me a bit after what happened throughout it.