Reviews for "Lost Outpost"

How to unlock the Loya-lty armour? the Facebook page doesnt say anything about it.

A well planned game with a great squel to the storyline, also I would love for it to be a 3-d online virtual game, it would be a great experience and a great jump in this video game creation. :D You have my support! -Also look me up on minecraft, Username: Jake_dog5 I usual play on SkyTheKidRS Server

It's alright, it is a little slow.
- RighteousGamerGod

the environment, the monsters, the storyline, you- they all come together in this fantastic game to form the scariest- and most fun- flash shooter game that I've ever played, blowing the first one out of the water. the game in general reminded me fondly of the first, while still keeping it new with new weapons, enemies, story and areas. when i imagined the sequel, i thought that it would be just like the first game, just with different maps and data cards, and while both of those things are in here, they don't make it feel like the game is riding on the first one. a terifically and masterfully executed game that i would no doubt buy if it was released as a full first person shooter for the PC. i found a small- though annoying- problem, though. after finishing the first level, i went right into the Swarm side mission to get rank and guns before going into the storyline. this was all well and good, and i ranked up to 20 and bought the pulse rifle, along with Rapid Fire and FMJ, to maximize damage, and equipped them in swarm. however, later on when i bought the gun in story mode, i found that my inventory said that i didn't have Rapid Fire or FMJ for the pulse rifle, so i went back to the Haven supply network console, only for it to tell me that i had purchased both items, so i went back to my inventory and it STILL said that i hadn't bought them. minor bug, but it affected gameplay for me personally. my advice? don't do what i did. unlock the weapon and modifications in story mode before Swarm.
however, i have to say, at this point, i REALLY hate water now.

Squize responds:

Thanks mate.
We went to a ton of effort to avoid it just being a level pack for the first game, we wanted every level to have some sort of one shot set piece, which was why it was in development forever.

Sorry about that bug, it's extra annoying 'cause you did exactly what we wanted people to do, a couple of story levels and then bulk up the xp on the Swarm levels to unlock things.
All those weapons with the different attachments are a nightmare to debug, there's so many obscure ways problems can get in there.

Again, thanks for the great review, glad you enjoyed it.

Some of the parts glitched while I was playing. Also there was to be new things like new weapons.