Reviews for "Lost Outpost"

fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu i like the game but whats the sense of a robot missile pass thought walls and you can kill ihim with a rockey and just guns kill him man i died i liked the game but why?

This was a great game. Far from excellent but quite enjoyable.

The jumpsscares were a bit overkill it was a bit as if you were trying to hard. They did work though.

The hidden-minigame was definitely creepy. It gave me goosebumps for as long as I felt like playing it.

Bottom line:
Good job.

Squize responds:

We got a fair bit of feedback with Outpost:Haven that it wasn't really scary ( "How can you call it a survival horror when it's not scary" etc. ), so there was a lot of point proving with this one.

The mini-game was a weird thing, I was just burnt out working on the main game and needed a couple of days to do something, anything, else, so found some old code that was for a prototype I did for Aardman and re-purposed that.
I like that a prototype I did that turned into a cute Shaun the sheep game could be made so dark when left in our hands.
The text was an after thought, I was in a dog shit mood for some reason so just wrote the darkest things that came to me and it just evolved into, well, that :)

Thanks for the review mate, glad you enjoyed playing the game.

Really, Really boring.

Squize responds:

Not just really boring then ? Damn it, that's what I was aiming for. I went too far.

One Of The Best Games I've Played. I Love Pixel Games And Horror Games And This Is Just Amazing. But No Games Perfect ...

why cant the AAA games be this scary and hard?
I found myself checking the health and ammo after EVERY enemy I killed
The jump scares are alil overkill but they are used to great affect as I did jump every time
I hope you go on to make a living on your art
(and this is art)