Reviews for "Lost Outpost"

I really enjoyed the game. While playing it, I kept imagining a co-op kind of game like this with me and a friend playing. I was kind of confused when playing this game as to what was going on, character wise. As with the first game, I became increasingly frustrated with boxes, desks, etc getting in the way. It would always slow me down or get in my way, while it was great cover for my enemies, as they would PUSH a desk up to me before slipping around it.

There were a few times in the water plant level where the graphics went out. There weren't any walls displayed, but the barriers were still there. The computer terminals disappeared as well.
In the Armory level, on the left hand side where one of the key cards was, several of the little buggers would randomly come out of the floor to attack me all at once.

Despite being able to pilot a walking tank for one of the levels, I was actually kind of bored with it after the first 2 minutes. Not being able to shoot what you're aiming at, due to gun placements, was a real let down. Maybe in the future allow the guns to swivel just a little to be able to hit what the player is shooting at.

Considering that the player can simply shoot open a door with a few bullets, and ammo wasn't too hard pressed to come by, the need for keycards seemed redundant. As well, there were just too many keycards to ever need one. Also, why can't I close a door once it's open? It would have made a few areas easier to handle.

Sometimes, when buying ammo, the money would be expended, but no ammo would be added.

I was impressed with the final boss, but the final data pad I picked up left me wondering.. how is this evil corporation going to explain these other space stations failing? Are they all going to tell the families and news centers the same thing? "Sorry everyone. Wouldn't you know it? 12 more space stations had radiation leaks and no one survived." That would make them the BP of space stations.
In the end, I really enjoyed the game.
I would still love to see this game on a larger scale. If in the end it was a twin stick shoot'em up on a console platform, I think you could make it work. Just look at that "How to Survive" game for an idea. It wouldn't have to be another Outpost game.

Hmm pretty good, level 4 always scares the crap outta me. The lighting and atmosphere give the game a great paranoia feel. Sadly I've never played beyond level 5, it always freezes for me after the briefing about the gravity and weapons not working.

Also I noticed a glitch with weapons randomly refilling on ammo when you access your inventory to change gear

just wish they would've made a third game it would've been super liked.You know when yeah think about it, the quality of material for a game they have here if the made another one as a console game they probably would've made a $#!^load of money.

Squize responds:

We were planning on making a full game, got through Greenlight, but unfortunately a combination of being burnt out ( With the Outpost games ) and slowly drifting apart meant it never happened.
It's a shame as I think we could have done something cool, we had so many ideas that we didn't have time for in Lost Outpost, but that's the way it goes sometimes.
Thanks though mate, glad you enjoyed it.

I surely need to give certain compliment for this game. But it really makes me laugh when I'm looking at all these previous compliments. Has no one noticed one big weakness of this game? The LAGGING movement! I tried to use my PC, laptop (both windows and mac). I played this game a year ago and when I came back for it today, still lag ash. Need to be fixed.

A great sequel to the first game. However, I did run into some problems. In the mission where you need to get 4 keys to get into the armory, I reached the boss and lost all my lives, forcing me to restart the mission. From then on, the blast doors that lock you into the room tried to close and keep me out of the room. Also, the ammo for weapons other than the one I was using kept resetting to a certain amount, no matter how much I bought or picked up. Other than these problems, I enjoyed playing Lost Outpost.