Reviews for "Lost Outpost"

the game is perfect.
the atmosphere is great, music, lights, sound... everything. It is much better than a lot of games i neend to pay for.
Yes it has a lot of bugs and lags, yes, sometimes it runs too slow but... but i get a lot of fun playing it.
thank you for this game.
and another thanks for the story written in messages.

Squize responds:

Thanks ( Let's just ignore the bugs for now yeah ? ;) )/

This game is well executed. It's not the monsters or the real scenery, though it can be disturbing at times. It's the atmosphere. You're all alone, when are you going to get attacked? What has gone on? Luckily, there are messages around in the game that give you more information on the events of the story. Also, there are a lot of different things you can do, especially the usage of weapons. A sentry gun? Don't mind if I do. Plus, there are two characters with different takes on their situations. All I can say is that this game is fun and Squize and luxregina should really pat themselves on the back. So go ahead, enjoy yourself. Like, now. It's all worth it. Trust me.

I really like this game, and I also noticed that a couple of the sound effects used are from TF2. Like the ship's jets are the pyro's flamethrower sound effect, and the vulcan's rev up is the heavy's minigun rev up sound effect.

Squize responds:

Hey, thanks for the review.
Most of the sound effects came from public domain sound sites, so I'm hoping they were actually public domain and not ripped ( The atmospheric sounds were all bought as part of a package ).

This game is wonderfully done. The effects are nice, the graphics are great, and the gameplay is fun. It really shows what greatness an online game can achieve without being full-on video games. Though the graphics is kind of old-school and pixelated, it actually adds flavor to the game, making it stand out from many other games that share similar artistic styles. In addition, because the graphics is not the only focus of the game, the quality of the game as a whole is wonderful, rather than very good in one aspect and horrible in another. Great job! :)

just wish they would've made a third game it would've been super liked.You know when yeah think about it, the quality of material for a game they have here if the made another one as a console game they probably would've made a $#!^load of money.

Squize responds:

We were planning on making a full game, got through Greenlight, but unfortunately a combination of being burnt out ( With the Outpost games ) and slowly drifting apart meant it never happened.
It's a shame as I think we could have done something cool, we had so many ideas that we didn't have time for in Lost Outpost, but that's the way it goes sometimes.
Thanks though mate, glad you enjoyed it.