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How To Move On

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Seriously guys, I love my newgrounds A-Listers. You guys are the best god damn people on the internet.

I use to only post my videos over on youtube.com/itsalexclark

But, as most of you know I just started posting my video over here on newgrounds and it was the best decision I ever made.

better comments, better fans, better community.



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Nice animation here kind of like some "SKETCHES" coming to life the art work and sketches is pretty good very nice work here and the audio was even better, maybe all this needs is some subtitles, but overall this was pretty good stuff so nice job here I like it.

Some added subtitles would be nice.



Well, it's original and comedic and didn't get too down, if this was your objective, you did a great job. If you wanted to deliver helpful advice to those whom yearn for their past lovers, well not so much. :P

Maybe make the backgrounds a bit more vibrant/active also.

so burger = sex ? awsome :P

Thats the one.. this would have been useful as a teen.