Reviews for "How To Move On"

move on cuz if you go in date with your ex, she would hop on her menstrel cycle and run your ass over, and here is how it would go: nag na nag na nag nag nag biiiitttccch, biiitttccch bitch.

Again with the shallow stuff. Small boobs and large belly? Stop judging girls based on looks.

Been there done that, we all like burgers but sometimes you gotta go for the chicken. Oh and forget the EX because odds are she has already replaced you anyway.

Awesome flash by the way.

I Need to move on,because my GF may have been hot, but all I heard was, DO YOU WANT MCDONALDS OR FUCKING BURGER KING?

10/10 man,Pure genius, I laughed my ass on.

This was great. Too fucking relevant right now.