Reviews for "How To Move On"

(post -dramatic depression) i need to stop falling for chicks with colorful personalities and saying that they love everything about helping little woodlin creatures and their nice smile oh ho ho ho don't let them fool you cuz they WILL RIP YOUR HEAT OUT OF YOUR CHEST with a steak knife or a fork, which ever they have in their hand first maybe both be careful on who you choose.

Where was it about cheating on your girlfriend? It's about a girlfriend who cheats on you and why it's right to find someone better. Also about how easy it is to fall back in for some people lol. We've all had girlfriends like that, we're only objectifying the ones who Can't Understand Normal Thinking.

Anyway, I love the video it's VERY well put together. I'm sure anyone can relate even if we haven't been through something like that, someone we know probably has. Instantly one of my favorites, the ending is hilarious! KEEP IT UP!

Hey man, watched your video and I'm kind of split. One one hand, I liked the animation, the music, and I think your voiceover was very entertaining. But on the other, I just plain don't agree with any of this. I know it's just supposed to be a funny video, but I didn't find a story about cheating on your girlfriend in very good taste. Also, can't help but feel the presence of the objectivity of women in here a little bit.

Innuendo done right, I dig it.

You sir are awesome! I now know the best way to move on from my ex. Thank you. :)