Reviews for "How To Move On"

lol, yes this was good. Good job! Work on the animation though.
Looking forward to next weeks =)

Supremely done good sir! :) I found myself realizing I needed to follow so many of those pieces of advice... I think it always just comes down to guys needing to hear it from someone else before we can see it for ourselves. Keep up the great work! :D

....That exact thing happaned to me...
funny as hell though
no but seriously get out

itsalexclark responds:


Dude! Everything was great! I don't even know where to start so I'm just going to keep this short. First of all, you are consistent. Everything is great. The animation style is totally fitting with this type of animation. Your voice acting is fun and and you had me lolling a few time. Sound affects and music was also perfect. Great fit and an awesome final product. You get all the stars im allowed to give.

This flash makes me not envy the single scene out there. Sometimes chicken is good...

Sorry for the jumbled review, I just woke up and my coffee has not kicked in yet but I didn't want to pass up on some early morning kudos.

I look forward to more of your animation, I'm a fan!

haha congrats on your wise decision, newgrounds is awesome, love all your movies after a long day of work its refreshing to have a good laugh , thx :)