Reviews for "How To Move On"

This was cute. Also, well produced. 4/5 stars. :)

itsalexclark responds:

thank you! I'll shoot for five stars next time :D

Very funny and entertaining.
Awesome voice acting along with the type of animation that's right for it.
You just got youtself a new fan.

itsalexclark responds:

AWESOME! I love you being my next new fan. thanks thanks thanks

....That exact thing happaned to me...
funny as hell though
no but seriously get out

itsalexclark responds:


Gotta love that burger... 0_0

itsalexclark responds:

even if I didn't have the burger - i'd still eat the bun.

Oh man, I know those feels. I thought it was hilarious how you slipped from talking about a vague every-man into a semi-personal story.
But seriously man, I think the message you were trying to tell us all is not to eat burgers. Because those are bad for you. Or something.

itsalexclark responds:

thanks :) don't eat burgers - unless they're on the value menu.