Reviews for "How To Move On"

music visual and jokes was mature enough for me witch cam to gather perfectly.
lived that shit.

funny, precise, hilarious and very well animated. I loved the voice acting.

Keep it up and make more! :D

I could move on... If I had an ex... If I ever had a girlfriend... or something... hello? internet? anyone there?

Everything is great, the visuals, the audio quality, the message you want to get out there. It's all there, and it's a great combination of good things.
But, you're way too happy, man! Way too happy! It just ruins the mood. Sorry, man. It's just...not really doing it for me.

You know my girlfriend just left me last week and I didn't cry or get angry because I never loved her

or saw her face even though we went out for like 6 months because getting depressed because

girls left you uses time that you could use to fuck other bitches

anyways here's an actual question

Do you know any tips of how I could use her leaving me to get other girls to give me pity sex as i'm

good at acting and honestly just need the sex before I get back into real relationships