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Decay of Men

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After years of chaos and global corruption the world has now become a perilous place. Food is scarce and everyone must fight for their survival. As for you, your adventure starts where it all ended.

Gather essential elements and try to survive to your next location. Accumulate precious stones and upgrade your equipment.

Mouse to shoot and pick up objects.
S to cover.
W to aim.
1,2,3 to switch weapons when equipped.
R to reload.
A / D to view left or right.
P to pause the game.
(or alternate layout)

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Me:Show yourself or i'll shoot these civillian!!!!!!!

Absolutely wonderful game. The only bad thing I'll say about it is that both shotguns are horrible and useless. Other than that, there is nothing wrong about this game at all; very engaging, good action shooter!

That was... interesting.

mmmm. i see a man walking whit the head in the floor and he fly over ta rraimbow its a bug or a easter egg

Okay, this is one of the worst Pyrozen games I've played.The concept is interesting to say the least but it isn't executed that well.The graphics, as always, are top-notch and the sound isn't bad.However, the action is boring.Enemies would spawn randomly, some guys might attack you, some not.And there isn't that many people on screen.Rather than an action-packed shootout it turns out into a "hidden object" with some shooter elements.Some enemies would start running around randomly, which is good but then stop completely out in the open.A guy would even ignore me after I shot him 6 times.There was one or two places, where I would be forced to duck for a longer time but overall the action feels like a chore.Enemy aiming takes too long, so does your reload.Now, I'm not a fan of "realism" , nor modern retail FPS games but it's taking TOO long to insert 2 bullets in a shotgun.Speaking of shotguns...the sawed-off shotty is practically useless.You need to upgrade it in order for the gun to become OP but the cash is better off used for something else.The camera zoom after a mission is annoying.Some of the enemies would die inches under me and I would not be able to pick up items because of the damn camera constantly zooming.The materials you get are used for nothing exept trading with civilians.Selling them isn't a good idea because they are too cheap and a civilian with some kind of ore to sell is a rare thing to see.The easiest way to change this is to make certain materials a requirement for upgrading stuff.On the other hand it was nice that ore is hard to come by as it makes you think about what you want to spend it on but in the end of the day all I needed was ammo and that would rarely run out.