Reviews for "Decay of Men"

I found this game to be alright. It could have had a little more action, or at least it needed it due to its slow pace. Also there was quite a few glitches in the game. I found guys randomly disappearing off screen, a glitch with the inventory that lets you sell a wood plank that sells for "NAN" makes your current currency to have "NAN" instead of the actual specified amount, and also there were quite a few guys that would stand still once they appeared and you were not able to kill them. Overall this game okay, and not one that I would write home about.


Nice game but low action, too less enemies, to less items to collect need repeat stage even 10 times...(even with good trades). And only assaults rifles have good use, pistols have too little ammo and shotguns have too low accuracy they just miss too much. Thats why its sometimes boring when 1 enemy dies with headshot and there is nothing to do for some while... And repeting the same stage on and on to find items. But enyway good game and i have some fun.

Pretty cool shooting action!

good but glichy one I saw guy flys upsiddown off the screen