Reviews for "Decay of Men"

Me gusta Hermano, es epic.
:D you jelly?

it good game and too much funny

glitchy, very glitchy

A very good game despite some drawbacks. Most of all I liked the combination of a common sniper game with a story to advance through (including new weapons to acquire). Much work has evidently been put into it, with the cut-scenes and all.
Drawbacks have been described well enough by kcho99 below... It's indeed somewhat too easy, although I did make the experiment of not getting behind cover and got killed - perhaps some health gauge would convince people they're actually taking damage :) Enemies with helmets and such might make it more interesting, I got through most of the game with head shots, except for occasional shotgun blasts at close range, which worked pretty well after upgrading the weapon power. I also noticed some bugs in the main shooting gallery, although only in the last chapter, weird.

This game kicks ass. no if only the damn verifier would finih verifing my like on facebook.