Reviews for "Decay of Men"

wtf this sucks

good game but need some work

It's a game with a lot of potential, and there are definitely things I like in it, but it needs some serious work first. There are major bugs with the main 'shooting gallery' section.

Men occasionally spawn by appearing and disappearing. I think they are meant to do this behind cover, but they are misplaced.

Your math for position and size seems to have errors in it, because I've seen upside down people growing into giants, people getting smaller as they approached and bigger as they left, and people flying in the sky, or in front of people that are they are meant to be behind.

Cover doesn't work properly, and enemies shoot when they are nearly completely hidden behind things. It's difficult to tell, but I think even occasionally invisible enemies shoot at you. Certainly, it seems like people will curse at you when there is noone visible in any of the three sectors.

The interface needs work. You can't drag and drop, weapon selections are forgotten before every level, and items randomly placed on the screen often overlap with other parts of the interface.

The economy is very complicated, but mostly for show. You can only trade with people randomly, and apparently only for at-par amounts, or worse; also, never for significant amounts. So mainly, this is just grinding until an arbitrary level-pass situation.

The game is also much, much too easy. The starting gun was all I needed throughout the game, and ammo piled up for all the weapons. Enemies aren't a serious threat, and their main weapon against you isn't damage, but shaking the screen so you can't effectively fire back.

I think if this game were more non-linear, and the economy was more meaningful, there could be something really special here. The shooting gallery aspect of the game is the main show, though, and it both needs to be debugged, and made a bit more interesting. I'll keep an eye out on you guys all the same, though. I like what I see so far!

didnt enjoy the voice...too easy...

this game sucks I am playing it now and I hate it 3/5 because it dose have good music and graficks....