Alive (NATA Finals)

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This is my entry for the final round of NATA 2012! It's been fun!

The theme was "the final fork in the road." For those having trouble seeing how that fits with this movie, remember that the fork in the road is for Death and not Calvin.

First, some things that went wrong. Because it's all frame-by-frame, some of it is shaky. Oops. The way I coloured it is weird and the backgrounds aren't too detailed. The sounds mixing isn't too great, but that's partially because I got my friends to record their lines at their own houses, so the quality differed. Now, things that I thought went well. On the whole, I think the frame-by-frame came out nicely and I'm proud of it. But ore importantly, I branched out in terms of story. This breaks the same formula I've been using since the novice round, and I didn't have to panic and change things last minute like I did last time. It actually sort of worked, so that's nice.

I doubt I'm going to win NATA because I'm against Emrox, but NATA was definitely a great experience. Just compare my open round entry ("Splice of Life") to this. I definitely got something out of this all. Expect me back again next year!


Daily feature for a reason Pahgawk this was really well written, sure the sound clips are not great, but your aware of that, your also aware why and worked to a small time frame. The animation is great and the characters are good too. Can't wait to see what you do when you have more time and more freedom. Good luck for NATA.

Dude you are really good at story telling and as always nice animation man! :D

Really well done!

It's animated excellently. The story was entertaining. I was captivated the whole time.
I like that it's mostly a comedy but there's a message behind it all.

It's gonna be a close one!

This is pretty entertaining Pahgawk. I didn't mind any of the "imperfections" that you described. You conveyed the plot well with the medium you've used, and the the story was well done. In fact, I wouldn't have noticed any of this if you didn't type it.

Keep it up.


I don't know why, but your animations always make me think. Maybe it's a certain charm you have. Or that I really like your way of telling the story. It's odd really.
Also, I was also born in '96. Crazy.

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Oct 10, 2012
5:34 PM EDT
Comedy - Original