Reviews for "Alive (NATA Finals)"

Awesome x 1000. Nice story, smooth animation. You seem to choose a dark or sad ending for each of your entries, apart from your first one.

The only thing that to me seemed not right was the wavy cloak effect on death. It was "rippling" the wrong way I think. The hood in particular was out horizontally as if blown by the wind but then the waves in the fabric where travelling towards the head. It's a common mistake I see. Well that's the only pedantic feedback opportunity I could spot.

Seeing your animating progress to the level that it is now has inspired me. You have been able to take the time to make conscious changes to your style each time despite being under pressure to make a lot in a short amount of time (something which I failed to do causing me to fall into old habits and not improve as much)
well done

I still think it's good. ^_^

This is beast

In my opinion your piece was the winner. You managed to explore something deep, meaningful, and beautiful in this dialogue with death. Your progress is incredible, and I look forward to seeing its continuation in the coming years.

Very well done, loved the story and animation