Reviews for "Alive (NATA Finals)"

This was funny to sad...I actually enjoyed this. however, I didn't like the way the voices were. I think it could have been recorded better...sorry

A full range of emotion through flash animations... If I could give more stars I would. Continue the excellent work!

Calvin's face did look pretty weird, and like you said, the voices weren't the greatest, but you could actually win this.

arent we all dead inside ?

This was really great man! I liked the philosophical take you took on the concept. It was definitely a fascinating take on the topic.

Points for going for FBF. It may not have been the cleanest way to animate, but it made your characters lively and interesting to watch.

The audio was kinda crappy, and some of the coloring looked a little dull - but this is just nitpicking.

You should be proud man! Good luck!