Reviews for "Alive (NATA Finals)"

I got excited for NATA this year since you were entering again. You didn't fail to disappoint!

Pure excellence. Pahgawk without a doubt you are one of my favorite animators on the Internet. Your art style is fresh and alive, and your humor is witty without the use of profanity and stupidity. Your writing and music creating skills are superb, and this piece was just magnificent. I would just like to personally thank you for gracing Newgrounds with your amazing talent these past months as I have been looking forward to each entry the second I had finished the previous. Thank you for everything Pahgawk, and good luck!

The moral of the story is that the best person to teach Death to have a life is a stubborn imbecile.Good work as always even though it is a change from the usual.

I still think it's good. ^_^

A mix between philosophy and comedy. The switch that Calvin pulled on Death was great to see... Also, the way you animated it had a nostalgic feel. Also I have seen a definite improvement.

4.5/5 5/5

Your friendly (and insane) reviewer, Cafaling