Reviews for "Alive (NATA Finals)"

Death's voice could of been better, and the audio quality for the guy could of been better, plus the animation could of had a cleaner cut, it's all kind of jagged to me, but it isn't really that bad, it's actually satisfactory in my opinion

This was quite interesting.

This is beast

Deaths voice was epic bro , tell your friend he did great :3
Nice job!

Unfortunately this is one of your weaker animations. The voice acting is lacking. And the whole "you're dead just accept it" segment felt like the kind of imitation British humor a junior high kid would write. Although you're only 16, you've set a very high bar for being wise beyond your years. Now that I think about it, the joke seems very similar to the dead parrot Monty Python sketch. But then it gets all serious and it just seems kind of jarring and out of place. You say you didn't have to panic this time but it does feel like it was made in a hurry.