Reviews for "Alive (NATA Finals)"

It was pretty good, but I heard something like a hit in a mycrophone D:

Even if you don't win, Pahgawk, this one's a winner on many levels.

It's a classic tale of a man's refusal to accept death, and Death's refusal to accept this response with almost every person he confronts upon their deaths. Then it takes a twist and leaves you wondering what the beginning of a new journey will take this forked and overworked being.

Being a rushed entry made in a timeline with little time to spare, the background layouts were minimal and the voice-overs were performed at different houses for inconsistent results come mixing time. The frame-by-frame, despite occasional shakiness, appears to be a great success, as two white eyes go a long way to establish the character of someone hopelessly going through the motions. In short, this is one of those cartoons that you'll wish to be remade.

I believe the correct term would be existential rather than ethical, although either applies.

What will throw people is that Death is the Protagonist and not the Antagonist. He's doing a service for the greater scheme of things. Then, he gets fed up with the absurd refusals of each person he meets and is introduced to an interesting notion: why not die himself? Would that not change how things go, or just eliminate a middleman that people will only argue with? At least he could address his grievances, or maybe find out where he guides the fallen, as he does not know where they end up. That's deeper than usual, and should be recognized by the viewer.

Everything is served with a reasonable measure of humor that, while hit-and-miss, manages to avoid the typical Newgrounds pratfall of becoming over-the-top or risque. It's actually reminiscent of cartoons seen on daytime television, devoid of the Adult Swim irony and self-deprecation. It's comforting to know that "Everything by Everyone" still includes Pahgawk's brand of wit. It's not perfect, but it's better than not perfect AND depraved.

If anything, I hope this guy wins. Even so, "Alive" should be considered one of the greats on Newgrounds and, to wit, deserves a remake more than Pico's School does.

Very good, but you should've hired a professional voice actor for Death's voice, mate. There are plenty of more than qualified VAs here on NG who will more than happily do it for free, i assure you.

I thought it was fantastic! I read your description first so I realize that you were aware of the faults in the video, so that to me makes it like aren't really mistakes. Anyways, amazing job a Good Luck at the NATA 2012!

Eh. The voice acting was mediocre in my opinion, esp. from death. But that aside, it was great!