Zelda the Welder

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Clock Welder 5 Points

Repair the clock

Robot Welder 10 Points

Repair the robot

Bomb Welder 50 Points

Okay it's disarmed, but I can't just leave it BROKEN

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments

This game is for the Newgrounds Game Jam #7. The programmer (me) was MonoFlauta, artist Aigis, Musician Intero and WildCard RedHarvest! We worked really hard on it and we are proud to show you what we did. Our topic was weld.

So you are Zelda the welder, no no wait, not any welder, THE BEST WELDER in the world! You get the most difficult works in your office and you have to make them in time or your customer will get furious with you. To make magic, or should I say welding, happen you dont only have your welder, you also have a saw to open things and metal plates to close after you are done.

So, are you ready to take the challenge?

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Epic game! It Reminds of the game: Amateur Surgeon. Could be better if there is a sequel to the first game. Like Zelda The Welder Returns, or Zelda The Welder Part 2. With New levels. And new medals. And Easter eggs That you can find in the levels. Plus there is even a new mode like Time Attack and Free Play modes!
Time Attack mode: In this mode, you have to race against the clock before time is up! You see that clock up here?! That's the Medal clock! As you see you have 3 Medals Bronze, Silver, And Gold! You only have a Minute to get the best medal before it changes to Silver or bronze! Getting all the gold medals unlocks a Bonus level! There are 3 Bonus levels in the game! Which you can unlock by getting 100% On each mode!
Free Play mode: This mode does not have a clock in it. It's just a friendly mode where you can Play any level you want without any challenges! Beat all of them in this mode to unlock a bonus level!
But to unlock Free play mode, you need to get 5 gold medals in Time Attack Mode! And to unlock Time Attack mode, you need to beat Story Mode first! Anyways. Keep making more good games! And I hope you make The Sequel to the game!

boooo it doesnt tell me where to cut with the bomb !

So if my sawing stops, I have to start the motion all over again? That's not how sawing works, so it's kind of counter-intuitive. Oh, and the smaller lines are absurdly precise. I feel like I need a surgeon's hand to progress the game.
That aside, the humor and visuals are cute. The title character is interesting. She's enthusiastic about her craft without being too bubbly. That's always nice to see.
Good job overall, but the gameplay needs improvement.

Cute game

It was a decent game to say the least, I played it for a bit and there was some interesting things about it, It even has

its own charm to it. Ok now here is a little cute game has some fun to it and it actually makes you work a bit I like that there is a goal here and with a story so that makes it more fun too. the weilding part makes it really fun was a tad tricky at first but overall was fun. Ok so now we have arrived at the end of this submission and my final thoughts on this game are that while some things can be better I still found it interesting.

Alright so yet again we have come to that section where I throw some ideas at you, But basicly just boost this submission with new options for improvements, And in the end you will be better for it. Maybe adding more of an instructions log of some sorts you did have one but at first i was a tad confused. but soon got the hangof things.


Credits & Info

3.57 / 5.00

Jul 2, 2012
12:37 AM EDT
Simulation - Job