Reviews for "Zelda the Welder"

We've got a crisis on are hands !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

wtf?! She speak in Japanese???

Too hard when it game to the bot. but I liked the jokes, game play and story. 3.5
Nice art by the way

Fun game but really short. I really liked the commentary but the repeated voices kind of got anoying and the gameplay could use some work. Also, you can cheat by right clicking.

The graphics are great and so are the music. I like the simplicity in it, there is nothing complicated about it.

BUT - there are some things in this game that I find very annoying.
1. You didn't make a tutorial.
2. When it comes to the robot - the smallest ring bugs and the precision on getting it right wasn't fun at all, and that you have to start over again isn't fun. :(

I usually have a lot of patience when it comes to gaming. But I didn't have the patience to complete this. Maybe it wasn't suited for me, but I wanted to make a rating anyway and hope that you might find this helpful in some kind of way.

But keep up the good work!