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Reviews for "Zelda the Welder"

Could you have made the lines any smaller? I can't even get past the first level.

Do you guys think to play your own game at least once before submitting it? There are a ridiculous amount of very fixable bugs-- bugs that you would have easily noticed with a quick play-through, given the linearity of the game.

Very fun, nice art, nice sounds, etc. But its a bit hard for a game that requires a mouse/cursor moving device. But most games where you have to follow a path are, also the cursor was very difficult to line up. It seemed like sometime you had to be pointing above the path. Other than that it was a fun distraction while it lasted.

Kinda buggy if you ask me..so I did what i did in these kind of games..
Right click cheating!

well i liked, this game can be a nice mini-game homebrew to nintendo DS family, but i take the same problem than Vincent, supermouse67...