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Reviews for "Zelda the Welder"

i dont know but... i think for some reason that the guys that are sayin they have bugs on lvl 2 are using internet explorer :D

MonoFlauta responds:

lol hahaha thanks for the review :P

yay wasnt tht hard there was a glitch in the game were u could do it way easier just push when ur welding and the hold the left mouse button presed then u can move freely to the next point and just repeat and with the bomb u have to saw the third wire

very good game the only critisism i had was the length , but considering you were entering the game jam thts understandable good job

While there is certainly far more than enough time that, in some eyes, it is a non-issue, I personally find that the little intructions being right in where you would be cutting or welding to be rather obnoxious.

While I would gladly play future games of this sort if you were so inclined to do so, please PLEASE don't keep the chat boxes over the work area.

Otherwise, funny little non-sensical story with a certain charm to it. Love the music selection, the drawings are nice, and with seemingly the perfect colour scheme, as well. The game isn't particularly difficult but it's not exactly easy either due to it being fairly sensitive as far as I could tell in that I swore up and down I was still in the safe zone to cut or weld but it'd cancel on me.

All in all, I feel it deserves two thumbs up and a solid 5 star rating, despite my particular qualm with the chat boxes.

Well...I can't even get passed the first level. If I were an expert right from the beginning of everything, I'd really like this game....but I'm not. Good game though.