Reviews for "Zelda the Welder"

10/10 would recommend
had a bit of a toss up with the bomb because i didnt know exactly where to cut but i got it eventually (gotta click eXACTLY on the blue dot where the wires are hanging out)
dialogue was great and all but it didnt seem like you did much when you welded the robot but maybe thats just me :v

loved the humor! gameplay was a little generic, but didn't overstay its welcome, just a nicely paced, funny game.

This game was broken for me, when i tried to cut the wire that i needed to cut it wouldnt work.

While the dialogue was pretty clever and witty, the gameplay was a bit frustrating and seemingly buggy. Overall, I liked it and I wanted to like it more but the gameplay was just....average. Nothing too special about it and frustrating.

Way too much dialogue. Felt like I came in here to read a novel not play a game. And then the action was a bit glitchy, not always activing.