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Reviews for "Zelda the Welder"

So if my sawing stops, I have to start the motion all over again? That's not how sawing works, so it's kind of counter-intuitive. Oh, and the smaller lines are absurdly precise. I feel like I need a surgeon's hand to progress the game.
That aside, the humor and visuals are cute. The title character is interesting. She's enthusiastic about her craft without being too bubbly. That's always nice to see.
Good job overall, but the gameplay needs improvement.

Cute game

It was a decent game to say the least, I played it for a bit and there was some interesting things about it, It even has

its own charm to it. Ok now here is a little cute game has some fun to it and it actually makes you work a bit I like that there is a goal here and with a story so that makes it more fun too. the weilding part makes it really fun was a tad tricky at first but overall was fun. Ok so now we have arrived at the end of this submission and my final thoughts on this game are that while some things can be better I still found it interesting.

Alright so yet again we have come to that section where I throw some ideas at you, But basicly just boost this submission with new options for improvements, And in the end you will be better for it. Maybe adding more of an instructions log of some sorts you did have one but at first i was a tad confused. but soon got the hangof things.


can u make an other one?

This game is quite a good idea, like the dark cut game except more intense and less graphic. The humour's alright, and I would love to see more of the game, but this game has quite a few problems in the gameplay. For starters, the time you're given is really short. It's meant to intensify the difficulty and intensity, and it would work but the controls are quite imprecise. The styling of the cursor and cutting line makes it quite hard to understand where my cursor lies. If the cursor was maybe a small dot and the cutting line was less curved it would be much more fun to play, but failing to play not because of my skill but of design choices signals there's something wrong with the game.

I played this game back in September of last year, it is a really fun game, I can tell that there was a lot of hard work and effort placed in the game, the music is nice while the art reminds me of a comic book. Some of the jokes are a little bit too...ahem...animated in which caused some of my friends including myself to literally fall down in such a way one would only see in an Anime. I'd give this game a 4.5/5 based on my own opinion as it seems.